Microsoft SQL Server Sets New Scalability Records In Database Throughput, Price/Performance on Windows NT

Microsoft PressPass – Microsoft SQL Server Sets New Scalability Records In Database Throughput, Price/Performance on Windows NT

REDMOND, Wash., April 5, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. today announced a new world record for database throughput on the Microsoft® Windows NT® operating system. In the latest TPC Benchmark®
test, Microsoft SQL Server
version 6.5 beat Oracle7
™and Sybase®
System 11
in throughput and price/performance using Windows NT and the same hardware platform.

Audited TPC-C® benchmark results released today show throughput of 3,641.17 (tpmC® ) using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and a Compaq®
™4500 5/133 Server. Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 also set a new world record in price/performance of $147.62 per tpmC, the best ever delivered by any system. These results surpass the throughput record on this hardware, previously held by Oracle7 on UnixWare®
, and beat the overall price/performance record, previously set by Sybase System 11 on Windows NT.

The table below summarizes current TPC-C database benchmark results published on the Compaq ProLiant 4500 5/133 Server equipped with four Intel® Pentium®
133MHz processors:

Throughput Price/Perf.

Database Operating System (tpmC) ($/tpmC)

Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Windows NT 3,641 $148 Oracle7 version 7.3 UnixWare 3,516 $186
Oracle7 version 7.3 Solaris®
3,225 $207
Sybase System 11 Windows NT 3,112 $151
Oracle7 version 7.3 Windows NT 3,066 $198
“These results demonstrate that Microsoft’s strategy of optimizing for Windows NT is paying big dividends,”
said Rich Tong, division marketing manager for the desktop and business systems division at Microsoft.
“Not only are these results the best database performance numbers on Windows NT, they also surpass the database performance of any UNIX® database on the same hardware platform.”

Today’s TPC numbers represent a 48 percent performance improvement and a 39 percent reduction in cost per transaction over tests done on Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 on similar hardware last October. The performance gain is due to optimizations in Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, including better use of native Windows NT threads, improved asynchronous I/O and a streamlined checkpoint process. It also reflects Microsoft’s work with Compaq Computer Corp. to deliver hardware optimized for Microsoft SQL Server and Windows NT.

“This test was performed with 3,500 concurrent users on a system that cost less than $540,000 yet delivers better performance than proprietary systems costing two to three times as much,”
said Gary Stimac, senior vice president of the systems division at Compaq.
“The relationship between Compaq and Microsoft allows us to deliver outstanding value to our joint customers with enterprise-level solutions on industry-standard hardware.”
The database used in the test totaled 45 gigabytes and included nearly 175 million records, with the largest table containing more than 100 million records.

Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 is scheduled for final release in the second quarter of 1996. Additional information on Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 is available on Microsoft’s Web site at

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