Microsoft Introduces Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition: Provides Even Quicker Access to Expanded World of Information

Microsoft PressPass – Microsoft Introduces Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition: Provides Even Quicker Access to Expanded World of Information

REDMOND, Wash., April 8, 1996 — Finding up-to-date information quickly with the Microsoft® Bookshelf® CD-ROM reference library has been made even easier with today’s announcement of the 1996-97 Edition. With one click, users of all ages have access to nine of the latest reference works, including the new Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory 96 and the Concise Encarta®
96 World Atlas.

“Since Microsoft introduced Bookshelf nearly 10 years ago, each edition has incorporated valuable new innovations that have helped Bookshelf earn a loyal following as one of the most trusted and recognized products in its category,”
said Patty Stonesifer, senior vice president of the interactive media division at Microsoft Corp.
“The new features in Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition have been developed to meet the needs of today’s users who want quick access to timely and relevant information – including information on the Internet.”

New Features Make Finding and Using Information Easier Than Ever

Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition includes the following new features:

Bookshelf Internet Directory 96. The new Bookshelf Internet Directory 96 is a guide to nearly 5,000 useful and interesting sites on the Internet. The Internet Directory contains overviews and visuals of resources such as the World Wide Web, Gopher and FTP sites, mailing lists, and Usenet newsgroups, as well as a glossary of common Internet terms. Whether a user needs to find a specific fact or just wants a great starting point for browsing, the Internet Directory aims to make it as easy as possible, providing one-click access to the listed sites when used with an Internet browser. With the addition of the Internet Directory in Bookshelf, Internet resources can now be included in searches on any topic.

Monthly updates to the Internet Directory will be available online at no charge. Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition also includes Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2.0 and one month of no-charge access to MSN
™, The Microsoft Network (for new subscribers in the United States or Canada only; long-distance or toll charges may apply. The software to access MSN is a feature of the Windows®
95 operating system. Access to and use of MSN requires payment of a separate fee).

Concise Encarta 96 World Atlas. Derived from the Encarta 96 World Atlas, this resource helps users keep up-to-date with the latest facts about the world by providing a quick way to locate the world’s continents, most of the countries, states and provinces, and many cities. The atlas also features 54 easy-to-read maps with pop-up information, including pronunciation of location names, audio national anthems, and information about disputed borders. These maps can also be copied and pasted directly into documents created in applications such as Microsoft Word and the PowerPoint®
presentation graphics program.

Updated Year in Review. Bookshelf is more than a powerful reference tool for work or education – it’s also fun to use. The popular Year in Review is one example of the creative side of Bookshelf – it makes for entertaining browsing while keeping users up to date. Year in Review offers a fun way to sample highlights of the past year’s news. Users can see and read about news events such as the rescue of American pilot Scott O’Grady from Serb-held territory in the former Yugoslavia, or Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. breaking Lou Gehrig’s record for most consecutive games played in Major League Baseball.

A Fresh New Look. The new interface in Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition allows users to search all nine reference sources more easily than ever before, ensuring that the most thorough search is performed and the most relevant answers are delivered. Customized searching across any combination of books and media is also available. With its streamlined look and convenient hints about which areas are interactive, the interface encourages users to explore all the content available in Bookshelf.

Multimedia Brings the World of Information to Life

Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition brings information to life in a way no printed book can by containing more sights and sounds than ever before, including more than 200 new images of musical instruments, animals and well-known paintings, for a total of nearly 2,000 images; 54 maps; audio clips totaling five hours of sound, from famous quotations to musical scores; more than 100 video clips and animation sequences on topics from news events to dangerous animals; nearly 200 national anthems; and more than 80,000 pronunciations, 8,000 of which are new or have been re-recorded.

In addition to the new Internet Directory and Concise Encarta World Atlas, updated versions of the following works are also included in Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition:

  • The American Heritage®
    Dictionary, Third Edition

  • The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia

  • The Original Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

  • The World Almanac®
    and Book of Facts 1996

  • The Columbia Dictionary of Quotations

  • The People’s Chronology

  • National Five-Digit ZIP Code®
    and Post Office Directory

School Edition Extends Learning

The school edition, available to schools, libraries and museums, includes a free Teacher’s Activity Guide to enhance and extend the learning experiences in Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition. The handy three-hole-punched guide features a hands-on introduction to Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition resources and more than 20 student activities for exploring the weather, creating multimedia presentations, learning about music and more – all designed to help teachers integrate Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition into the classroom curriculum.

Product Availability and System Requirements

Microsoft Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition is available now for the Windows 95 and Windows version 3.x operating systems. The version for the Macintosh® is scheduled to be available in late May and will include native support for the Power Macintosh®
. Each version of Bookshelf will retail for approximately $54.95. Licensed users of previous versions of Bookshelf can receive a $10 rebate from Microsoft on the new version. The school edition includes the Teacher’s Activity Guide at no additional cost.

To run Bookshelf 1996-97 Edition for Windows, users need a multimedia PC with a 486SX/33 MHz or higher microprocessor; Windows 3.1 or later or Windows 95; 4 MB of memory; at least 4.5 MB of available hard disk space; a Super VGA 256-color monitor; and a double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive. A sound card with speaker or headphones and a Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device are strongly recommended. Internet access is required for Bookshelf Internet Directory 96 updates and hot links. For more information about Bookshelf, visit the Bookshelf World Wide Web site at .

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