Six Kids and Bill Gates Discuss Their Ideas About the Future of Computers

Kids Are Grand Prize Winners in National
“Imagine the Magic”

REDMOND, WASH., June 18, 1996 — In a closed-door meeting yesterday, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates discussed the future of computers and technology with six of America’s brightest and creative minds. The
“power meeting”
lasted forty minutes and wrapped up with a milk and cookie break.the six meeting participants were 6-11 years old and grand prize winners of the
“Imagine the Magic”
contest, which asked kids to describe what they thought the
computer could do.

The winners, who were selected from more than 22,000 kids who entered the contest, received VIP treatment upon their arrival in Seattle on Sunday. The kids were picked up in limousines and offered sparkling cider on the way to the Four Seasons hotel. Monday morning they arrived at Microsoft’s world headquarters for the second annual Kids’ Technology Summit and were welcomed with official Microsoft ID badges. The kids, whose hometowns range from Honolulu, Hawaii to Largo, Florida, spent the morning working on special projects — their own personal web pages. Then it was time to take a break for some serious computer discussions, with Gates himself.

Following are excerpts of some of the children’s thoughts about meeting the computer giant himself:

Brianna Pellicane, 9, said talking to Gates was,
“very special, because I know we’re the only six kids who are lucky enough to talk to him.”
Brianna said her day at Microsoft had been
“like a dream come true.”

“I asked Mr. Gates how he comes up with all of his cool software,”
said six-year-old Brody Pav.

Maryellen Cooley, 7, was surprised to discover that she and Gates have mutual friends in her hometown of Spokane, Washington.

And Hope Pomele, who came all the way from Hawaii, was pleased to learn that Gates has visited her home state several times.

Some of the kids had more personal questions for Gates. Eleven-year-old Joseph Hemerly wanted to know where Gates got his competitive spirit. The answer?
“From always competing with his sister and trying to out-do her when he was growing up,”
said Joseph.

And Victor Sriqui, 10, wanted to know what Gates’ favorite part of his job is.
“He told me that he loves meeting a lot of different people and learning new ideas,”
said Victor.

The winners ended their meeting with Gates with many thanks for the trip to Microsoft and Gates had a few parting words for the kids, too:
“We’re really impressed by your creativity — keep up the good work!”

The six
“Imagine the Magic”
winners and their ideas are:

  • Maryellen Cooley, age 7, Spokane, WA

Maryellen’s cool computer would help her communicate with a friend at school who has cerebral palsy.

  • Joseph Hemerly, age 11, Maytown, PA

Joseph imagined
that would help his working mother with her work and household duties so his mom
“could better enjoy just being a mom.”

  • Hope Pomele, age 9, Honolulu, HI

Hope imagined the
that would help keep the world clean and recycle, too.

  • Victor Sriqui, age 10, Bethesda, MD

Victor’s computer could
“change the world,”
including protect children by answering the phone and door in a parent’s voice and help homeless people — it has a heat perimeter, sings and hugs.

  • Brody Pav, age 6, Largo, FL

Brody imagined a computer that would make yucky food taste better by injecting kids’ favorite flavors into it – it would create Bubble Gum Broccoli and Nacho Spinach.

  • Brianna Pellicane, age 9, East Brunswick, NJ

Brianna’s cool computer would help solve major mysteries – one that even the courts couldn’t solve.

Visit the
“Imagine the Magic”
web page at to view photos of each winning child, their entry and news of their day at Microsoft.

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If you would like to arrange an interview with any of the six grand prize winners, please contact Rachel Fagan or Betsy Rosenberg at Edelman Worldwide, 312/240-3000

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