Microsoft Unveils the New “Information” Age

Redmond, WA, July 1996 — How can I find get my hands on up-to-date statistics for a research project due tomorrow at 9 a.m. sharp? How can my child get information on Madagascar when the library closes in 10 minutes? What movie should I rent tonight? What’s the shortest route from our house to Aunt Emily’s? What new car models have the features I want in my price range?

With the Microsoft line of authoritative reference and mapping titles, getting the answers is fun and easy. Seamlessly integrating multimedia CD-ROM, online and Internet sources, the programs let you transparently move from source to source, culling data from multiple libraries and databases as you go. With this seemingly limitless universe of information to explore and sample, it has never been easier to be informed and current.

This holiday season Microsoft is introducing Microsoft Encarta 97 Deluxe, a 2 CD-set, deluxe version of the award-winning Microsoft Encarta. Also debuting is Microsoft Expedia; the place to go on the Internet to plan and purchase your travel with ease; Encarta 97 World Atlas, the most detailed world atlas ever created; Microsoft Automap Streets Plus, the advanced and complete street mapping and address matching program for both personal and business use; Automap Trip Planner, the premiere road atlas and travel guide for North America; CarPoint
, the ultimate one-stop source for online automotive purchasing information, and Cinemania 97, a new
version of the most popular interactive guide to movies.

“The Microsoft reference and mapping titles turn learning into an dynamic, interactive, life-enriching adventure for the whole family,”
said John Neilson, general manager for the information unit.
“With vital links to the World Wide Web and Microsoft’s own proprietary online services, we turn your PC into a window on the world and keep you connected to our rapidly-changing world.”

This year Microsoft has expanded its popular multimedia encyclopedia Encarta to include the new Microsoft Encarta 97 Deluxe. This deluxe version, to be sold alongside Encarta 97, breaks new ground in terms of size (over 4,000 new articles), multimedia content and online access. Microsoft Encarta 97 Deluxe contains almost twice as much multimedia content as the single CD product.

Microsoft Encarta 97 Deluxe stays current with five thousand Web links to deliver timely, monthly updates at no charge. Other features exclusive to the Deluxe version includes unique multimedia collages that act as a
to Encarta’s broad content, and 360 degree panoramic views of places around the world.

Since its launch in 1993, Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia has won over 40 international awards, and has emerged as the world’s top-selling encyclopedia, in both digital and print categories. More than a centralized source of exciting multimedia information, Microsoft Encarta Deluxe 97 has matured into an information service, linking the user to a wide range of online and Internet information sources.

Users of both products can enjoy monthly updates which are downloaded and fully integrated with the CD-ROM content, and users of major online service providers can receive updates via the World Wide Web.

Among some of the online services offered is Encarta Schoolhouse, an Internet learning and activity center for teachers and students updated with a current topic each month. Also available is the Encarta Online Library, an online database of 800+ information sources, all accessible through either Encarta Encyclopedia or directly over the Internet.

Travel in the ’90’s

Planning your ideal vacation, weekend getaway or next business trip can now be done quickly and easily from your home PC. From flights to hotel to visa information, Microsoft geographic products and online travel services makes us privy to information only travel agents used to have.

You might begin your journey with Microsoft Encarta World Atlas, a separate companion product to Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia that allows you to pinpoint any destination in the world in stunning color and topographical realism. Where is Bangkok anyway? Is it an island? How would you get there? What language do they speak? What is the culture like? Currency?

These answers can be found in Microsoft Encarta World Atlas, the most comprehensive world atlas available. See the world as you want and as it really is; zoom to see the globe from any altitude, experience 360 degree, panoramic views in high resolution, and seamlessly launch to related sites on the Internet for even more information.

Now what will it cost to get to Bangkok and where will we stay? Begin your research with Microsoft Expedia, a complete online travel service, launching in October, which puts information and control over travel planning directly in your hands. Microsoft Expedia lets you check airfares, hotel options, plan and purchase your itinerary. In addition, with Expedia you can reserve a car, and view the location of your hotel choice on a detailed map. Most importantly, Expedia is based on an easy to use interface that lets the whole family help plan the trip.

Whether you’re driving or renting a car Microsoft Automap Streets Plus lets you pinpoint virtually any address in the nation. This new generation street mapping product contains rich, updated maps of the United States, with highly detailed and readable maps covering over 6 million miles of streets on a single CD-ROM. You can customize your own maps with
that allow you to import address databases to your map. With Automap’s integration with the American Yellow Pages from American Business Information, you can add any of 14 million business listings to your map. The Deluxe Edition of Streets Plus even includes the American Yellow Pages. The Streets Plus large data bank contains information on over 280,000 restaurants and 12,000 hotels. You also have one-click access to Automap Online which links you to more information on 425 U.S. cities and places of interest.

Automap Trip Planner, Microsoft’s road atlas and travel guide to North America, is the perfect companion product to Streets Plus that allows you to plan better trips. The new 1997 version of Trip Planner has been updated with new, more detailed highway and city maps. Trip Planner features a complete travel guide of North America, a huge database of thousands of hotels, restaurants and bed & breakfasts, as well as detailed information on points of interest like museums, historic sites, outlet malls and U.S. National Parks. Over 5000 places which are suitable for children are identified with a special KIDS logo. You can go online to access more information on 500 North American cities and places.

Out of the Car Lot and Into Your Home!

For most Americans, buying a new car is a significant investment and certainly not the kind of purchase they want to rush into. Yet doing the necessary
can be time-consuming and stressful. Microsoft’s new web-based service, CarPoint, arms consumers with the straightforward, up-to-date and objective information they need to save time and money to make the best new car purchase decisions. Using the CarPoint integrated Auto-by-Tel service, you can receive a free price quote within 48 hours via a large dealer network dedicated to providing competitively low consumer prices. CarPoint will launch on the World Wide Web in mid-July at

Take Me to the Movies…

Get the latest information on current and classic releases from Microsoft Cinemania 97, the best selling, entertaining interactive guide to movies and the people who make them. In the 1997 guide, there’s lots more of everything you want — film reviews, video clips, narratives, and celebrity profiles. And to augment your knowledge of filmdom, Cinemania 97 offers integrated links to both the Cinemania Online Web Site on the Internet and other movie-related sites.

The new 1997 guide provides fast, easy access to more than 25,000 movie reviews. Locate what you want using key word searches — the name of a favorite actor, director or cinematographer — or by film category. Cinemania carries reviews of current movies by such respected film critics as Roger Ebert, Leonard Maltin and Pauline Kael. The product’s new celebrity tours bring your favorite stars’ voices, insights and entertainment to your PC. Plus, free monthly updates and a new celebrity tour are available to download to your PC so you can
“stay in the loop”

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