Microsoft Delivers State-of-the-Art Web Security

REDMOND, Wash. —
, Aug. 13, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that a version of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 3.0 featuring 128-bit encryption is available to download at no charge from Microsoft’s Web site at . Microsoft is making this version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 available to users who want the highest level of security on the Internet. This 128-bit encryption offers users an increased level of security for keeping Internet communications private, and it is the state of the art in Internet security technology. Because it is virtually impossible for users to listen in on Internet traffic encrypted with 128-bit security, this encryption addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 strengthens its impressive security feature set. The addition of 128-bit security makes no changes to any other function in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.

“A critical element to the ultimate success of the Internet is our ability as an industry to provide users a way to feel confident that they are shielded from the security issues involving the Internet,”
said John Ludwig, vice president of the Internet platform and tools division at Microsoft.
“Microsoft is committed to ensuring that our customers are safe and secure while they surf the Net, and we’re pleased to be able to offer state-of-the-art 128-bit security with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.”

According to security experts, it is virtually impossible for anyone using current technology to listen in on Internet traffic encrypted with 128-bit security.

Due to export restrictions on this technology, 128-bit encryption is available only to users in the United States. Because of federal regulations, users will be asked to complete an online affidavit before downloading the software and their site will be checked to ensure that the request is coming from within the United States.

The standard version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, available worldwide today, offers 40-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) security. The 128-bit version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 will interoperate fully with any 40-bit browser or server but extends SSL to accommodate 128-bit encryption.

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