Microsoft Distributed File System for Windows NT Server Beta Version Now Available

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 9, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. today posted the beta version of Distributed File System (Dfs) for the Microsoft® Windows NT® Server operating system, allowing users to download it for free from Microsoft’s Web site (online access fees may apply). Dfs is a utility for Windows NT Server 4.0 that lets a network administrator logically organize multiple file servers and shares into a single directory, making it easier for users to browse, search for and access data on the network.

Dfs allows data to appear in the most logical place in the Dfs directory tree, no matter what file server it is on. The network manager can therefore change the network by moving data and adding additional resources, such as file storage, without affecting the way users access the data.

“We are pleased to deliver the advanced functionality that customers have been asking for,”
said Rich Tong, vice president of marketing and training, desktop and business systems division at Microsoft Corp.
“Dfs is the next step to true ‘information at your fingertips’ and distributed computing.”

Easier Management of Distributed Files

In the past, users and network administrators have had to deal with the limitations of accessing and managing data across multiple servers. With the single Dfs directory tree, users can find and access information regardless of which server the information resides on. Network managers can use Dfs to simplify common management tasks such as data backup and scanning file servers for viruses.

As intranets are being deployed, integrating existing departmental intranet servers into the corporate intranet is becoming a growing problem. Using Dfs makes intranets easier to deploy and manage because multiple intranet servers can be placed in a single Dfs tree, allowing existing departmental servers to be combined into a corporate intranet without the servers’ having to be combined physically.

“Dfs helps open the UNIX world to Windows-based networking,”
said Rob Hawley, project leader of PC products at Network Appliance.
“It promises to simplify network administration because it will help enable the deployment of fewer servers in corporate networks.”

Beta Availability

Customers can install the beta version of Dfs on Windows NT Server 4.0. The beta version includes the client software for the Windows® 95 operating system; client software for Dfs is included with the shipping version of Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

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