Lights! Camera! Action! Microsoft Debuts Cinemania 97, Latest Edition of Top-Selling Guide to Movies and Movie Makers

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 17, 1996 — The Microsoft® Cinemania® 97 interactive movie guide is here! This latest edition of the world’s best-selling interactive guide to the movies and the people who make them is now available. Whether you’re a film buff, closet movie critic or a video store aisle wanderer, this product is for you.

“Cinemania 97 is the most entertaining, convenient and authoritative way to appreciate and enjoy the captivating world of movies,”
said Garth Hitchens, product unit manager at Microsoft.
“It’s the ultimate movie guide for dedicated film buffs and anyone looking for a great video to rent or buy.”

The best-selling title includes some of the industry’s most authoritative content, with six prestigious and fully cross-referenced film sources including Roger Ebert, Leonard Maltin and Pauline Kael. The new Cinemania 97 also includes:

  • Innovative links to the Internet for the latest movie information

  • All-new Celebrity Guided Tours for stimulating and enjoyable behind-the-scenes perspectives

  • Instant access to find the right movie easily

With the all-new design of the Cinemania opening screen, the fun of going to the movies starts when consumers look for a film, not when they sit down to watch it. Each time users open Cinemania, the opening screen shows a different Quiz o’ the Day, Featured Artist and signed review by a Cinemania staff member.

Cinemania 97 provides reviews from premier film critics, including:

  • Roger Ebert, Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic for the Chicago Sun Times and co-host of TV’s
    “Siskel & Ebert at the Movies”

  • Pauline Kael, the respected former critic for The New Yorker and a National Book Award winner

  • Leonard Maltin, critic on television’s popular syndicated program
    “Entertainment Tonight”

In addition to the reviews, Cinemania 97 includes filmographies, celebrity profiles, celebrity portraits, movie stills, dialogue and film clips.

Consumers can supplement their CD-ROM experiences by getting the latest information with the enhanced Internet integration in Cinemania 97. The product includes access to the Cinemania Online Web site ( , with the latest movie reviews, entertainment news, video releases, biographies and monthly downloadable updates for the CD-ROM. It also includes access to the all-new Cinemania Connections – the guide to the best independent Web sites about movies and movie makers. (Online features require Internet access, which must be acquired separately and for which the user may pay a separate fee. Free monthly updates to Cinemania 97 are available online through Aug. 31, 1997.)

In an all-new Cinemania 97 feature, celebrities take you on eight behind-the-scenes guided tours of their corners of the entertainment industry. Each Celebrity Guided Tour is an interactive multimedia event, including audio narrative by the celebrity, movie stills and clips, biographies, reviews, in-depth text articles, and Cinemania Connections Web links. A range of entertaining topics are covered, from the world of Alfred Hitchcock to the enduringly popular genre of romantic comedies.

Additional Celebrity Guided Tours – one each month – are available for downloading for free from the Cinemania Online Web site, so consumers can continue to enjoy stimulating and informative new content throughout the year. (Online connection fees may apply.)

Cinemania 97 offers several easy ways to access information so consumers will always find what they want, when they want it. For example, by typing a few letters of a title or personality, Cinemania 97 begins to sort and offer relevant entries. Cinemania Suggests recommends films for a given mood, and The Academy Awardsfeature makes it easy to check out winners in any category for any year.

Pricing, Availability and Requirements

Microsoft Cinemania 97 is available now for approximately $34.95.

The Windows® operating system-based version requires the following components:

  • A multimedia PC with a 486/33 or higher processor

  • Windows 95 or Windows NT® Workstation operating system version 3.51 or later

  • 8 MB of RAM for Windows 95; 16 MB for Windows NT Workstation

  • 500 K hard disk space required for best performance

  • Super VGA 256-color monitor

  • Double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive

  • Audio board and headphones or speakers

  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

  • A modem and Internet access are needed to use online features; 6 MB of available hard disk space for monthly updates.

The Macintosh version requires the following components:

  • Power Macintosh or any Apple Macintosh

  • System 7 or later

  • 8 MB of RAM

  • No hard disk space is needed to run CD-ROM; 11 MB suggested for best performance

  • 256-color monitor

  • Double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive

  • A modem and Internet access are needed to use online features. 6 MB of available hard disk space is needed for monthly updates.

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Microsoft Cinemania Web site: (

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