Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Delivers Integrated Support For Microsoft Transaction Server

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 10, 1996 —
Microsoft Corp. announced today that Microsoft® SQL Server
6.5 includes integrated support for the new Microsoft Transaction Server. Customers can immediately begin to take advantage of the combined technologies to build distributed, three-tier applications, a process that is simplified through Microsoft SQL Server’s seamless integration with Microsoft Transaction Server.

“Microsoft SQL Server already includes built-in support for Microsoft Transaction Server,”
said Jim Ewel, group product manager for SQL Server at Microsoft.
“Using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Transaction Server together lets customers build distributed applications today.”

Tight Integration Means Lower Cost

The introduction of Microsoft Transaction Server and the component-based development environment that it enables is the next step in an important evolution that started with Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. The tight integration of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Transaction Server has been proved in the marketplace for the last eight months. Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, shipped last April, includes the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC), which is based on the same technology as Microsoft Transaction Server and is used to ensure the integrity of distributed, multiserver transactions.

Administration of distributed transactions is simple with Microsoft SQL Server. An advanced graphical management tool, called SQL Enterprise Manager, is included with Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Enterprise Manager is used for all database management operations and also includes the capability to manage and monitor distributed transactions, providing an integrated approach to database management.

Development tasks are made easier as well. Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Transaction Server are integrated through common support for the OLE Transactions protocol, the fast, native Transaction Server transaction protocol.

The combined strengths of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Transaction Server offer lower management and deployment costs for users. And since both products are available now, customers can take advantage of the benefits immediately.

Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 is widely available, with licenses starting at approximately $1,399 for a five-user system. A no-charge, 120-day evaluation version of Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 is available for downloading from the Microsoft Web site. For more information on Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 or to download the product, please visit .

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