Microsoft statement in response to the Information Technology Agreement at the World Trade Organization meetings in Singapore

Redmond, Wash. – Dec. 12, 1996 – In response to the International Technology Agreement at the World Trade Organization meetings in Singapore, Microsoft Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer said, “we want to commend the World Trade Organization and all the nations represented in Singapore for their extraordinary accomplishment.

This agreement will mean lower costs and greater access to innovation and technology for consumers in every nation around the world.

“Eliminating tariffs on information technology products will be a win-win for every country and every consumer. This agreement will accelerate the development of the Global Information Infrastructure, opening new and better ways for people in every nation to share information and conduct commerce. In addition to reducing barriers to high tech trade, this agreement will accelerate economic growth and the development of local high tech industries in the developing world.

“On behalf of Microsoft, and I know I speak for many throughout the high tech community, I want to thank Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky and her entire team, as well as the trade negotiators for all the WTO member nations, for their tireless efforts and excellent work in galvanizing support for this landmark trade agreement,

Herbold concluded.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company currently has subsidiaries in 56 countries worldwide, and international markets currently account for 58 percent of Microsoft’s sales.

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