Microsoft Announces Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit

REDMOND, WA, Feb. 13, 1997 — Microsoft Corporation today announced the availability of the Microsoft® Office 97 Resource Kit, providing leading-edge technical information and tools for rolling out and supporting Microsoft Office 97. The kit offers comprehensive information and a set of resources, tools, and utilities to help computer professionals supporting installations of Microsoft Office 97, as well as advanced users who want to get the most from Microsoft Office 97. It is available in bookstores and software stores everywhere and directly from Microsoft Press.

“The Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit is a must-have tool for a wide range of computer professionals and decision makers involved in implementing and supporting Microsoft Office 97 Standard and Professional Editions in their organizations,” said Jon DeVaan, Vice President of the Desktop Applications Division at Microsoft. “The critical information in this kit, straight from the Microsoft Office development team, brings the latest troubleshooting tips, installation procedures, configuration techniques, and support innovations to the desktop so that technical professionals and consultants can roll out and support Microsoft Office on multiple computing platforms. It also ensures that individuals and businesses who have upgraded to Microsoft Office 97 will get the most from their investment.”

Quick Access to In-Depth Technical Information and Resources

The Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit offers more than 1000 pages of easily accessed information in one convenient volume and one companion CD. It includes coverage of Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Excel 97, the Microsoft Outlook Ô97 desktop information manager, the Microsoft PowerPoint® 97 presentation graphics program, and Microsoft Access 97. The kit offers many ways to access valuable technical information, including in-depth tables of contents and fully cross-referenced indexes. Readers will find detailed information on:

  • Architecture- an overview of the structure of Microsoft Office and its applications, including details on components shared among applications

  • Installation- details and tools needed to install Microsoft Office 97, including steps for choosing a strategy for installation, using the Network Installation Wizard to customize network installation, and using Microsoft Systems Management Server to completely automate installation

  • Migration- techniques for upgrading users from previous versions to the current version of Microsoft Office 97, whether the organization is upgrading all users at one time or only groups at a time

Also, detailed information for migrating users from non-Microsoft Office applications to their Microsoft Office counterparts, such as from WordPerfect to Word, Lotus 1-2-3 to Microsoft Excel, Harvard Graphics to PowerPoint, and dBASE to Microsoft Access

  • Configuration- technical information for customizing and updating end users’ software and for tuning Microsoft Office 97 for optimum performance

  • Networking- information to help MIS managers and technical support personnel when their workgroups include multiple platforms and/or multiple versions of Microsoft Office applications

  • Supporting and Troubleshooting- resources, utilities, and answers

The companion CD-ROM contains more than 50 tools, macros, documents, and files, including the Network Installation Wizard to help users create customized network installations.

Availability and Pricing

The Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit (ISBN 1-57231-329-3) is available now in bookstores and software stores and directly from Microsoft Press at 1-800-MSPRESS. In Canada, call 1-800-667-1115. The suggested retail price is U.S. $59.99 ($80.99 in Canada). Reseller prices may vary, and shipping and handling charges will apply for direct orders.

Additional Training and Support Materials for Microsoft Office 97

Additional training and support materials for Microsoft Office 97 available from Microsoft Press include:

  • Microsoft Office 97 Integration Step by Step – Self-study kit with practice files provides quick and easy training for busy people. ISBN 1-57231-317-X, U.S. $29.95 ($39.95 in Canada).

  • Microsoft Office 97 Starts Here – Interactive, CD-based, multimedia training solution for individual learning at home or on the job. ISBN 1-57231-303-X, U.S. $29.99 ($39.99 in Canada).

  • Running Microsoft Office 97, Select Edition – Comprehensive reference featuring expert advice and inside tips directly from the software pros. Comes with a searchable electronic version of the book on companion CD. ISBN 1-57231-322-6, U.S. $39.95 ($53.95 in Canada).

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