Bill Gates outlines Microsoft’s educational initiatives for India

New Delhi, 4, March, 1997 — Speaking to the leading educators, and industry policy makers today about India’s past successes and future challenges in education, Mr Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Corporation, launched Microsoft’s University Advanced Technology Labs (UATL) programme. The UATL has been designed to provide students and researchers with the latest technology. Mr Gates also identified four levels in the Indian education process where Microsoft is contributing. He also presented awards to the winners of the Microsoft Imagine the Magic Contest and to the 1000 th Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in India.

“Education is going to be the engine of growth for the Indian information technology industry and for all industries in the twenty first century,”
Mr Gates said.
“I personally believe very strongly in education and we are encouraging Indian educational institutions and the government to focus on this area.”

“PCs play a fundamental role in helping people learn and I don’t know a single teacher or parent who’s not concerned about preparing kids for the future.”

During his speech, Mr Gates discussed the importance of education as the engine of growth for the Indian IT industry and the benefits of using computer technology for improving the quality and delivery of education at all levels. He outlined world-wide trends in the IT business, how education is core to the industry’s success and described what Microsoft is doing in India in four education segments: university level computer science education, training for IT professionals, computer education in schools and career-oriented education.

Mr Gates demonstrated the company’s commitment to education by launching Microsoft India’s at five Universities. The UATL at each of the institutions will include the establishment of an Advanced Technology Lab for research and projects, access to Microsoft® Windows NT® source code to the Universities for research purposes, establishment of an instruction development centre and an on-line training resource centre. Mr Gates said that Microsoft’s investment in the UATL programme would have a market value of up to INR 35 million over a three year period.

The Labs will offer a range of courses, online education modules, technology briefings and seminars about Microsoft operating systems, development tools, applications and solutions. As part of the UATL, Microsoft will provide its latest software, publications from Microsoft Press and access to the Microsoft TV broadcast series. UATL will also include a Microsoft internship programme for students and an Excellence Award for the best lab.

Stressing that India can be the largest source of manpower for the IT industry, Mr Gates also made an award to Founded in 1992, the MCP programme was designed to provide computer professionals world-wide with validation of their ability to design, develop, implement and support solutions using Microsoft tools and technologies. Certification is achieved by passing one or more performance-based exams that measure the ability to apply skills and knowledge to real-world problems.

Finally, at the Education Event, he awarded prizes to the eight winners of . The Imagine the Magic contest, run in association with Compaq, Living Media and United Airlines, sought to uncover the most creative and imaginative minds in India by asking children aged 8 to 18 what the most amazing computer could do. The contest focused on the power of the computer to help people create new things – new businesses, new products, new ideas, new ways for people to work together.
“Unleashing creativity at all levels will be the mark of the future use of computers,”
said Mr Gates. The winners, chosen from over 40,000 entries, displayed a tremendous level of creativity, energy and vision.

The Imagine the Magic winners are: Aradhana Chakravarthy, aged 12 (Guwahati), Nirav Mehta, aged 17 (Mumbai), Aboli Satish Kaddam, aged 8 (Pune), E Rakesh, aged 17 (Hyderabad), A Abhishek, aged 9 (Hyderabad), Gyalthang Tseta, aged 16 (Dharamsala), Shrenik Dasani, aged 17 (Calcutta), Kabir Bose, aged 10 (Delhi).

Microsoft Corporation India Private Ltd is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation USA. It has had a presence in India since 1987 and currently has offices in New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ
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