NPR, AudioNet and Other Broadcasters Choose Microsoft NetShow 2.0 To Deliver Live Audio and Video Across the Internet

LAS VEGAS, April 7, 1997 — National Public Radio, AudioNet and other leading broadcasters are the latest companies to adopt the Microsoft® NetShow
server version 2.0 beta software for live audio broadcasts across the Web. These deployments mark accelerating momentum for Microsoft NetShow as the easy and powerful way to stream high-quality multimedia across intranets and the Internet.

“Millions of people depend on NPR for news they can’t get anywhere else,”
said Peter A. Jablow, NPR’s executive vice president and chief operating officer.
“With Microsoft NetShow, we can offer the latest news and illustrated audio reports on the Web. Our New Media team can easily provide content for NetShow. We’re also pleased with the high quality of the audio, which has always been the hallmark of NPR’s programming.”

NPR, the world’s first noncommercial, satellite-delivered radio system, has a broadcast audience of 17 million people on more than 560 member stations. NPR is providing hourly newscasts using NetShow. These newscasts include illustrated audio versions of Radio Expeditions – a joint project of NPR and the National Geographic Society – using NetShow. The broadcasts can be experienced at ( .

“NetShow is the first streaming media product that both addresses the needs of the Web broadcaster and optimizes the experience of the user,”
said Mark Cuban, president and co-founder of AudioNet.
“AudioNet is adopting NetShow as a core technology in our mission to make the Internet a true broadcast medium. Its MPEG-4 codecs offer some of the most impressive video we have seen on the Internet, and its network and bandwidth management tools are unparalleled.”

AudioNet now offers 24-hour live video coverage of C-SPAN using NetShow 2.0 beta software and will broadcast a wide range of live events using NetShow in the next three months. AudioNet is the largest broadcast network on the Internet and supports the largest number of simultaneous listeners, currently 15,500. AudioNet offers live, continuous broadcasts of more than 150 radio and television stations, play-by-play of thousands of college and professional sporting events, live music, on-demand music of more than 800 full-length CDs, live and on-demand corporate and special events, and more.

In addition to NPR and AudioNet, the newest customers of NetShow include radio stations KISW in Seattle and 104 KRBE in Houston. From the United Kingdom, JazzFM, LBC 1152, News Direct 97.3FM and WebCast Ltd. are using NetShow to bring their live radio content to the Internet.

Other Customers of NetShow 2.0

The Microsoft NetShow 2.0 beta software continues to gain support from a wide range of companies for its ease of use and power.

For example, Vannevar New Media Inc. recognized an opportunity to use NetShow to bring independent films to a wider audience. With independent films winning an increasing number of awards, Vannevar is hosting the first International Internet Film Festival, April 3-13, at ( .

“We intend to blow audiences away with the first International Internet Film Festival developed with Microsoft NetShow,”
said Ana Grace, vice president of marketing for Vannevar New Media.
“NetShow fit all our criteria – an economical product that provides high levels of quality and performance. With its live encoding, support for many third-party codecs, and high levels of quality, we knew we couldn’t go wrong. Because NetShow is available at no cost and is tightly integrated with Windows NT® , it was also a cost-effective choice.”

NetShow is also being used to help support commerce on the Web. Ron Jon Surf Shop, at ( , uses Microsoft NetShow to demonstrate products and offer entertainment to its customers.

“NetShow brings life to our pages with streaming live audio and video that we use to convey a much better experience to our online guests,”
said Jon Shehan, media director, Ron Jon Surf Shop.
“Our visitors can now experience a virtual surfboard ride, see how a surfboard is made, and even get live surf and beach conditions from our ‘Surf Cam’ at Sebastian Inlet. We have also integrated NetShow into the Ron Jon Internet Store for a more interactive and fun shopping experience.”

In addition, customers such as Buy Broadway Online, Ciavolino & Sheeler Marketing Communications, Fawcette Technical Publications, Hyundai Information Technology Co. Ltd., Nomura Research Institute, Outflow Media, The Palace, Radio Data Group Inc., RSI Communications Inc., The Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database, and Swiss Connection Inc. are using Microsoft NetShow for their Web broadcasts. Web authoring and hosting companies such as Alpha Online Inc., ConnectOS Corp., Copfer & Associates Inc., Corporate Windows Pty Ltd., Digital Arts Consulting, Digital Evolution Inc., Digital Genesis, Digital Renaissance Inc., Emerald City Productions, Interactive Corp., FreeRange Media Inc., ICN, ITV Technologies Inc., Maverick Digital Communications, Saltmine Creative Inc., sitewerks-onlinedesign, SpectraCom Inc., TechKnowQuest Inc., Tri-Digital Software Inc. and WorldLink Data Communications Inc. are also creating and hosting content based on Microsoft NetShow.


The NetShow 2.0 beta software is available now without charge from the Microsoft Web site at (connect-time charges may apply). The final version of NetShow 2.0 is expected later this spring. The NetShow 2.0 client will also be a core component of the upcoming release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.

To experience NetShow, visit for a complete guide to the NetShow spring events series. This guide lists upcoming audio and video live and on-demand broadcasts using Microsoft NetShow.

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