Microsoft and Tandem Demonstrate 64-Processor Windows NT Server-Based System

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 1997 — Microsoft Corp. and Tandem Computers Inc. demonstrated the world’s largest Microsoft® Windows NT® Server network operating system-based system linking 64 Intel Pentium Pro processors in a cluster using Tandem’s ServerNet Ôinterconnect technology. The system managed a 2 terabyte database with a 30-billion row table that was based on Dayton-Hudson’s data warehouse, which manages retail outlets such as Target and Mervyn’s stores.

In the past, enterprise customers were tied to expensive-to-maintain legacy systems, such as commercial UNIX systems, running on proprietary hardware, to run business-critical operations. Enterprise-class hardware is much less expensive to build for Windows NT Server, because Windows NT Server runs on standard high-volume, lower-cost hardware components. This demonstration shows that Windows NT Server and ServerNet technology will provide enterprise customers with a high-end, mission-critical solution that offers ease of use and manageability, resulting in lower cost of ownership.

“Tandem is proud to bring enhanced reliability and scalability to Windows NT Server,” said Roel Pieper, CEO of Tandem. “This 64-processor clustered system clearly demonstrates that Windows NT Server has become a business-critical enterprise platform much sooner than most people thought.”

In addition, enterprise customers will benefit from world-class service and support. Tandem is extending to Windows NT Server and the BackOffice
™family its 22 years of experience providing business-critical service and support to the world’s largest enterprise customers. Tandem’s NonStop® software will also provide enhanced scalability and reliability for the entire BackOffice family.

“Tandem has helped bring Windows NT Server to unprecedented levels of scalability,” said Jim Allchin, senior vice president in the personal and business systems group at Microsoft. “Supporting a database with more than 30 billion rows shatters all previous records and proves that Windows NT Server delivers the performance and scalability required for the most demanding needs of enterprise customers.”

Cluster Operates as a Single Computer

This 64-processor Windows NT Server-based system is a clustered, shared-nothing SMP configuration. The system is built from 16 Tandem S1000 four-processor (200-MHz Pentium Pro processors) servers. The nodes of the system are linked through Tandem’s ServerNet interconnect technology to form a single computing system. The system has 64 processors, 8 gigabytes of main memory and 480 disk drives with 2 terabytes of disk space. ServerNet technology, widely recognized in the industry for interconnecting Windows NT Server clusters, provides a high-speed, low-latency interconnect among all the servers.

Tandem’s S1000 servers incorporate important reliability and availability features from Tandem’s NonStop Himalaya Ò heritage. They are optimized to exploit the advantages of ServerNet technology. Other major vendors are licensed by Tandem to incorporate ServerNet technology into their Windows NT Server-based systems.

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