Microsoft to Showcase Hot 1997 Games At Electronics Entertainment Expo

REDMOND, Wash., June 10, 1997 — As the PC rapidly becomes the platform for games, Microsoft Corp. will demonstrate its emerging leadership in the category by showcasing seven hot CD-ROM-based games, including Flight Simulator 98, Age of Empires
and CART Precision Racing
, at this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo (E 3 ) trade show, June 19-21 in Atlanta (booth 2616 in West Hall, Georgia Congress Center).

Starting with the highly anticipated release of Flight Simulator 98 – the latest version of the best-selling PC game of all time – the new titles are scheduled to be available in stores this fall and winter.

“We’re collaborating with some of the industry’s top talent to deliver our best games lineup ever,” said Ed Fries, general manager of the games group at Microsoft. “Each of our new games provides innovative, immersive game play experiences that use today’s coolest technologies such as Internet gaming, MMX, 3-D acceleration and force feedback.”

Fasten Your Seatbelt: It’s Going to Be a Realistic Ride!

Using these technologies, Microsoft sets new standards for realism in simulation titles with its new Flight Simulator 98 and CART Precision Racing.

Flight Simulator 98, the newest version of Microsoft’s flagship entertainment title, is the most realistic civilian aviation computer simulation for the PC. Computer & Net Player magazine calls Flight Simulator 98 “the most significant upgrade to Flight Simulator ever.” This 15th-year edition takes advantage of emerging technologies – including 3-D acceleration and MMX for improved scenery graphics, force feedback peripherals and eight-player multiplay – to deliver more experiences and challenges than any previous version of Flight Simulator. The new edition adds the following:

  • The most accurate flight models, validated by Cessna and Learjet

  • New aircraft – Learjet 45 and Cessna 182 Skylane planes and Bell 206 helicopter

  • Three thousand airports, 10 times more than the previous version and more than any other product

  • More than 45 cities around the world, with 3-D detail, including 20 new U.S. cities and the new photorealistic Hong Kong

  • Improved digitally sampled sounds and new high-resolution instrument panels in all aircraft

Microsoft® CART Precision Racing provides gamers with the thrills and challenges of realistic Indy car racing. This officially licensed product of Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) has been designed from the ground up to ensure the most-accurate modeling of Indy car racing. Using real race engineers to test car behavior and leveraging the global positioning system (GPS) to model the precise elevation and widths of CART race tracks, CART Precision Racing delivers every hairpin turn and pit stop, putting players in the driver’s seat. CART Precision Racing supports multiplayer gaming via the Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone, as well as force feedback gaming devices that let players actually “feel” the course.

Do You Have What It Takes to Guide Human Evolution – or Win a World War?

New strategy titles include Microsoft Age of Empires and Microsoft Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far.

Age of Empires, an epic strategy game spanning 10,000 years, allows players to become the guiding spirit in the evolution of a small Stone Age tribe. Developed by Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires showcases the strategy game expertise of Bruce Shelley, co-designer of the hit games Civilization and Railroad Tycoon. Computer Games Strategy Plus magazine called Age of Empires “the most detailed and best-looking of the upcoming real-time strategy games.”

Starting with virtually nothing, players are challenged to build one of 12 tribes (including Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Assyrians and Babylonians) into a great civilization. Players can choose their own path to world domination through unique combinations of conquest, exploration and accumulation of wealth.

Microsoft Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far is the sequel to PC Gamer magazine’s 1996 Wargame of the Year. Building on the best elements of the original Close Combat – including individual soldier psychological profiles and historically accurate, real-time action – the new game puts players in the middle of a dynamic battlefield. Gamers can choose to command Axis or Allied powers in a fight to control five strategic bridges during World War II. Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far takes war games to the next level with missions that challenge players to race against time while managing valuable battlefield resources. The game is being developed by Atomic Games, creator of the original Close Combat.

Step Up to the Plate With Microsoft Baseball 3D

Microsoft Baseball 3D showcases the hottest technologies to deliver the sophisticated action, sights and sounds of real Major League Baseball. It offers unprecedented 3-D realism using MMX technology and ballplayer profiles, allowing gamers to experience everything from Greg Maddux’s dazzling change-up to Ken Griffey Jr.’s signature home run strut. Using the properties of physics, Microsoft Baseball 3D offers unpredictable game play affected by ball velocity, ball spin, gravity, weather conditions and even wind resistance. The game includes all Major League players, teams and ballparks, as well as real ambient sounds. Baseball 3D supports Intel’s MMX and AGP technologies for enhanced sound and graphics.

Enjoy Quality Family Time With Newest Microsoft Entertainment Pack

Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection is the sixth offering in Microsoft’s popular family entertainment series. This original edition, produced by the Moscow-based company Mir Dialogue, includes puzzles by Alexey Pajitnov, the famed designer of Tetris. The 10 graphically oriented brain teasers provide a range of mental challenges for users of varying preferences and skills. Some puzzles require intense concentration; others demand fast thinking under pressure.

1998 Titles Get First Preview at E

In addition to the 1997 titles, Microsoft will preview three new titles at E 3 that are scheduled for spring 1998 release:

  • Anarchy offers unique game play by combining first-person shooting with real-time strategy. Players direct forces from a top-down perspective, then immerse themselves into the action by jumping into one of many vehicles for an intense first-person combat perspective.

  • OutWars is a mission-based, third-person action game in which players lead a team of space troopers against a lethal insect force across vast, vertical 3-D environments. To survive against these flying, crawling creatures, players must run, swim, or take to the air using jet packs or gliders.

  • Riot is a fast-paced, run-and-gun action game in which players are mercenaries on a mission to quell a rebellion on an off-world planet. A compelling story line and unique anime art thrust players into a dark and dangerous environment.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ
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