Microsoft, Unidata Announce Technology Alliance

DENVER and REDMOND, Wash., June 10, 1997 — Microsoft Corp. and Denver-based Unidata Inc. today announced a strategic engineering and marketing alliance to integrate Unidata’s data-mapping middleware with Microsoft’s component object model (COM) architecture. As a result, the two companies will soon offer Unidata’s 400 value-added resellers (VARs) and more than 500,000 end users the ability to access multiple data repositories and to develop object-oriented applications that take advantage of Microsoft® SQL Server
Engine and OLE DB connectivity.

“Unidata VARs have long been seeking new ways to implement their robust, functional business applications with Microsoft SQL Server so they can sell these proven solutions into more sizable accounts,” said David Brunel, president of Unidata. “This effort will enable Unidata VARs and end users to extend ‘front office’ applications by integrating the full range of Microsoft technologies – all without substantial re-engineering. This will also give Unidata VARs many opportunities for building new applications under Microsoft’s COM architecture.”

The result of the Microsoft and Unidata effort will be a single application server and data storage package from Unidata that will combine the Windows NT® operating system, Microsoft SQL Server, the UniData “nested” RDBMS OLE DB and, soon, Microsoft Transaction Server. Unidata is key in helping Microsoft deliver its component-based architecture to Unidata resellers and end users worldwide, all of which have business applications running on the UniData RDBMS. For its part, Microsoft will provide significant marketing support to Unidata’s reseller channel and help train those resellers in using and selling the new packaged solution.

“Unidata has provided customers with many benefits over the years,” said Tim Kraus, industry marketing manager, tools and infrastructure at Microsoft. “By adopting Microsoft’s COM architecture, Unidata is making it possible for the thousands of companies using Unidata’s data management technologies to gain the benefits of the Microsoft platform, without the time and expense of substantially rewriting their applications.”

The initial joint-engineering objectives are to build an OLE DB interface to the UniData RDBMS, and a new database interoperability product, currently code-named “SQLator.” The OLE DB interface will enable customers now using data stored in the UniData RDBMS to access that data via Microsoft SQL Server. SQLator will transform the UniData RDBMS into an application server for deploying UniData-based applications on Microsoft SQL Server. Unlike decision-support middleware solutions, SQLator will support production OLTP applications running with Microsoft SQL Server, maintaining the low cost of ownership of the Windows NT and Microsoft SQL Server platform.

Unidata will also provide its object-relational universal server database with full integration into COM and distributed COM (DCOM). This will add another data storage manager – in addition to the UniData nested relational database – that provides rich support for object applications, multimedia data and complex data relationships.

“Interactive Group Inc. is very excited about this strategic relationship,” said Mark Hellinger, president of Interactive Group Inc. (NASDAQ “INTE”), a leading international supplier of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. “As an earlier adopter of this new technology, we will offer our INFOFLO software with Microsoft SQL Server to companies that choose Microsoft’s COM architecture as their corporate strategy.”

Another long-standing Unidata partner, DataWorks Corp. (NASDAQ “DWRX”), will also be part of the development team working to integrate Unidata and Microsoft products.

Stuart W. Clifton, DataWorks president and CEO, said, “As a current leader in providing Windows NT-based ERP systems, DataWorks has made clear it intends to continue delivering dominant, Microsoft-centric solutions across our entire product family. Unidata’s relationship with Microsoft can only strengthen our commitment in this regard, and we’re pleased to make this exciting technology a reality for our customers.”

Unidata is a worldwide manufacturer, marketer and distributor of data management solutions for mission-critical business applications. With headquarters at 1099 18th St., Suite 2200, Denver, CO, the company can be contacted at (800) UNIDATA [864-3282] or (303) 294-0800 (telephone); (303) 293-8880 (facsimile); [email protected] (Internet); or ( (World Wide Web).

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