Microsoft Press Announces Expanded Line of Self-Study Kits For Certified Microsoft Office User Exams

REDMOND, Wash., July 1, 1997 — Microsoft Press today announced that its award-winning line of “Step by Step” self-study training kits has been expanded to provide complete preparation for the Certified Microsoft® Office User (CMOU) exams.

The CMOU program enables individuals who use Microsoft Office 97 in their daily work to showcase their skill level to potential employers. Candidates must pass a hands-on exam in which they use the program to complete real-world tasks. New titles in the “Step by Step” series from Microsoft Press provide proficient- and expert-level coverage of Microsoft Office topics, carry the CMOU-approved courseware brand logo, and adhere to the strict guidelines set out by the Microsoft desktop applications division and the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

“We are fully committed to the Certified Microsoft Office User program,” said Jim Brown, publisher at Microsoft Press. “Microsoft Press pioneered the concept of flexible and affordable self-paced software training with the ‘Step by Step’ series, and we were the first publisher with a complete line of self-paced training kits for Microsoft Office 97.”

Developed in conjunction with Catapult Inc. and other leading suppliers of courseware and multimedia products, “Step by Step” self-study kits are designed to go beyond providing skills-based training in the classroom. “Step by Step” kits can be used to deliver individual training to users at their own pace when convenient. Beginners, upgraders and those switching from other applications will quickly learn basic and advanced features, while users already familiar with previous versions of the software can find the best starting point for them. Each lesson is generously illustrated with real-world examples and is fully integrated with practice files on disk, allowing users to compare their results and track their progress for each lesson.

Additional features of the “Step by Step” series include the following:

  • A modular structure that allows users to work through every lesson and complete the full course, or study individual lessons to learn just the skills they need

  • Prebuilt practice files that help readers learn quickly by doing, instead of keying in large amounts of data

  • The versatile Quick Look navigation guide that instantly points users to the instructions they need to complete tasks right away

  • A handy, lie-flat binding that lets the book stay open as users work

Titles in the “Step by Step” self-paced training series include “Microsoft Word 97 Step by Step” (ISBN 1-57231-313-7); “Microsoft Word 97 Step by Step, Advanced Topics” (ISBN 1-57231-563-6); “Microsoft Excel 97 Step by Step” (ISBN 1-57231-314-5); “Microsoft Excel 97 Step by Step, Advanced Topics” (ISBN 1-57231-564-4); “Microsoft Access 97 Step by Step” (ISBN 1-57231-316-1); “Microsoft PowerPoint® 97 Step by Step” (ISBN 1-57231-315-3); “Microsoft Outlook ™97 Step by Step” (ISBN 1-57231-382-X); and “Microsoft FrontPage® 97 Step by Step” (ISBN 1-57231-336-6). The recommended retail price for individual titles is $29.99 ($39.99 in Canada). As a convenience, the Microsoft Word 97 and Microsoft Excel 97 “Step by Step” titles are available in slipcase packages titled “Microsoft Word 97 Step by Step, Complete Course” (ISBN 1-57231-579-2) and “Microsoft Excel 97 Step by Step, Complete Course” (ISBN 1-57231-580-6). The recommended retail price for these two-volume packages is $49.99 each ($69.99 in Canada).

Each title is carefully reviewed and edited by Microsoft Press, the leader in training, references and resources for Microsoft software – so the material is complete, timely and technically accurate. Certified Microsoft Office User candidates can acquire “Step by Step” materials at book and software retailers, through Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Centers and directly from Microsoft Press. For corporate or classroom use, “Step by Step” kits are available in modular and academic formats from Publishing Distributors International Inc. at (702) 824-3200. Full details on the CMOU program can be found .

Microsoft Press is the publishing division of Microsoft Corp. and the leading source of up-to-date information about Microsoft products and related technologies. Millions of users rely on a complete line of world-class Microsoft Press® computer books and multimedia training and reference tools. Titles ranging from self-paced tutorials for first-time computer users to advanced technical references and programming guides for computer professionals are distributed to book and software retailers worldwide. Consumers in the United States can order directly from the publisher at (800)-MSPRESS [677-7377]. For information about other Microsoft Press products, visit Microsoft’s site on the Internet at ( .

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