Strategic Technology Series From Microsoft Press Helps Executives And Entrepreneurs Plan for the Future of Business Computing

REDMOND, Wash., July 8, 1997 — Microsoft Press – the publishing division of Microsoft Corp. – today announced the publication of a new series of books called the

Strategic Technology Series . ” These concise, authoritative guides provide powerful, easy-to-understand overviews for executives, entrepreneurs, managers and anyone serious about learning how technology will affect their ability to communicate and conduct business in the future.

“The ‘Strategic Technology Series’ was designed for busy professionals who may not have a background in information technology but who nevertheless have a responsibility to stay up-to-date and make decisions about their organization’s strategic computing direction,”
said Jim Brown, publisher, Microsoft Press.
“These books explain both the technology and terminology so managers and executives can make important decisions affecting the future of their organizations.”

Three books –
“Understanding Electronic Commerce,” “Understanding Groupware in the Enterprise”

Understanding ActiveX
™and OLE”
– are the foundation for this timely new series.

Understanding Electronic Commerce,

by David Kosiur

In five years or fewer, analysts say, sales transactions on the Internet will total $100 billion annually.
“Understanding Electronic Commerce”
(ISBN 1-57231-560-1) by PC Week contributing writer David Kosiur shows how forward-thinking businesses and individuals can profit from this revolution. This 304-page guide includes these topics:

  • Basics – how electronic commerce works in the real world

  • Strategies – the mind-set of companies that will profit the most from electronic commerce

  • Consumer applications – credit cards, digital money and more

  • Business applications – purchase orders, invoices and other large transactions

  • Case studies – insightful snapshots of applied electronic commerce innovation

  • Security – its paramount importance and the five conditions it requires

  • The future – from electronic agents to microcash and microtransactions

Understanding Groupware in the Enterprise,

by JoAnne Woodcock

Not long ago, groupware meant company e-mail, period. Today it means a growing world of possibilities built around the Internet, corporate intranets, new networking technologies and the software that exploits them. For managers who use groupware technology to fuel growth,
“Understanding Groupware in the Enterprise”
(ISBN 1-57231-561-X) by noted computer book author JoAnne Woodcock shows how to get a grasp on this fast-paced environment in 304 pages of clear, comprehensive discussion:

  • Definitions for groupware

  • The technologies at the heart of a functional groupware environment

  • Groupware components – those that run on the desktop and those that work in the background

  • How groupware fits into global computing – the Internet, intranets, HTML, Java , browsers and more

  • Extensive examples that introduce readers to Microsoft® technologies and groupware strategies

Understanding ActiveX and OLE,

by David Chappell

Also available in the
“Strategic Technology Series”
“Understanding ActiveX and OLE”
(ISBN 1-57231-216-5), author David Chappell’s acclaimed 352-page work on software development technologies that support reusable code, transaction processing and full Internet functionality.

Forthcoming books in the
“Strategic Technology Series”
from Microsoft Press include
“Understanding Bandwidth,”
by well-known technology observer, author and analyst Cary Lu, and Tyson Greer’s
“Understanding Intranets,”
a powerful overview for technically savvy managers and anyone in a corporation who works closely with information professionals.

Pricing and Availability

“Understanding Electronic Commerce”
“Understanding Groupware in the Enterprise”
each have an estimated retail price of $19.99 ($26.99 in Canada).
“Understanding ActiveX and OLE”
has an estimated retail price of $22.95 ($30.95 in Canada). Books in the
“Strategic Technology Series”
are available in book and software stores and directly from Microsoft Press at (800) MSPRESS (677-7377). In Canada, call (800) 268-2222. Shipping and handling charges will apply for direct orders.

Microsoft Press is the publishing division of Microsoft Corp. and the leading source of up-to-date information about Microsoft products and related technologies. Millions of users rely on a complete line of world-class Microsoft Press® computer books and multimedia training and

reference tools. Titles ranging from self-paced tutorials for first-time computer users to advanced technical references and programming guides for computer professionals are distributed to book and software retailers worldwide. Consumers in the United States can order directly from the publisher at (800) MSPRESS. For information about other Microsoft Press products, visit ( on the Internet.

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