Microsoft Announces Publication Of Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary, Third Edition

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 15, 1997 — PC Magazine applauded the first edition of the Microsoft Press® Computer Dictionary, saying it “defines and explains the language of computers.” The reference work has been quoted in The New York Times and USA Today, and calls it “the Webster’s of computer dictionaries.” Now, this comprehensive standard for business, school, library and home has been revised and expanded to reflect the latest developments in an ever-changing field.

The Comprehensive Computing Resource for Everyone

The 560-page Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary, Third Edition, contains nearly 50 percent more material than the second edition – over 7,600 entries and more than 300 drawings, diagrams and photographs that enhance definitions and provide additional detail. Moreover, it includes extensive coverage of Internet, Web and intranet-related terms and acronyms; software products from all manufacturers; PC, Macintosh and UNIX terminology; hardware; and words relating to mathematical, mainframe, networking and programming concepts.

Quick, Easy Access to Information

This authoritative source of computer information for students, managers and professionals has been further enhanced by the addition of full dictionary apparatus not available in other computer dictionaries, including pronunciation guides, parts of speech and definitions. Anyone who has struggled, for example, over which acronyms to spell out (“HTML”) and which to pronounce (“GUI,” pronounced “gooey”) will appreciate these new features. Each entry is concise yet truly informative – a refreshing change from the usual terse definitions found in other dictionaries or laborious explanations in technical manuals. Even computer professionals will appreciate the concise explanations in plain English, not computerese. All entries are fully cross-referenced to provide supplementary information and invite further exploration. Appendixes provide a valuable reference to computer character sets and numeric equivalents.

Those who work with computers but who aren’t computer professionals will find definitions for terms as basic to modern computing as e-mail, menu, hard disk and disk crash, as well as more advanced or cutting-edge terms and acronyms such as digerati, MUD, MOO, public key cryptography and TCP/IP. Terms important in the history and development of computing get their due, too, with the inclusion of such terms as Difference Engine, ARPANET, Amiga and 286.

Online Updates Keep Information Fresh

The Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary, Third Edition, comes with a CD-ROM that contains the complete text of the dictionary in a fully searchable format. And, because the language of computers changes so rapidly, online updates are scheduled to be available every quarter on the Internet at the Microsoft Press Web site, ( .

Updated by a team of computer professionals and expert consultants, this new edition significantly expands on the first two editions. The original Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary was written, reviewed and edited by a distinguished team of top computer book authors such as JoAnne Woodcock, Charles Petzold, Ray Duncan and Cary Lu, as well as world-renowned business and academic experts. The second edition was revised and expanded by David Rygmyr, formerly the technical director at Microsoft Press and now its Web director.

Availability and Pricing

The Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary, Third Edition (ISBN 1-57231-446-X) is available now at bookstores and software and computer retailers or directly from the publisher. The estimated retail price is $29.99 ($39.99 in Canada). Shipping and handling charges will apply for direct orders.

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