Easy Creation of Web Pages Using Microsoft Dynamic HTML Enabled by Design-Time Controls

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 21, 1997 — Content providers can create dynamic Web pages, without having to write HTML and script, through new software components available today. Six of those components or “Design-time Controls” (DTCs) were released today by Acadia Software Inc., Peripherals Plus Technologies Inc., Sax Software Corp. and Windowpane. Additional DTCs are scheduled to ship next month from InterMax Solutions Inc. and A Wild Wild Web.

These new Design-time Controls enable content providers to author Dynamic HTML quickly and easily for Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0, in conjunction with leading-edge Web development and authoring tools including the Microsoft Visual InterDev
™Web development system and the Microsoft FrontPage® 98 Web site creation and management tool. For instance, a DTC could step an author through the process of incorporating data into a Web page by specifying a data source, the data to display and the format in which to display the data. The DTC would then automatically generate the script and HTML needed to take advantage of Microsoft Dynamic HTML’s data binding capabilities.

“Design-time Controls bring the power of Dynamic HTML to all content providers on the Web,” said Chip Umsted, vice president of marketing at Peripherals Plus Technologies. “Authors can now create popular, interactive effects without having to write a single line of script.”

“This component support is yet another strong indication of the industry’s enthusiasm for Microsoft Dynamic HTML,” said Tod Nielsen, general manager of the developer relations group at Microsoft Corp. “Through this innovative technology, authors can easily create Web pages today that stand out from the crowd.”

Design-Time Controls Available Today

Trial versions of six Design-time Controls can be downloaded today from vendor Web sites. These controls are also being featured in the Sitebuilder Tools Gallery http://msdn.microsoft.com/downloads/ .

DTCs from Peripherals Plus Technologies, Sax Software and Windowpane will be distributed today at World Wide Live on the World Wide Live CD.

Content providers can use these DTCs with popular Web tools including ExperTelligence WebberActive 4.0, Microsoft FrontPage 98, Microsoft Visual InterDev and SoftQuad HoTMetaL Pro 4.0. DTC support will be available in future releases of Elemental Software Drumbeat, NetObjects Fusion and Pictorius iNet Developer.

Microsoft Dynamic HTML

Dynamic HTML enables content providers to make their Web sites richer, faster and more interactive. Using Dynamic HTML, authors can change a Web page’s content and style at any time, even after the page has loaded, without reloading the page.

“We’re providing our customers with faster and more flexible access to mission-critical data using DTC technology and Microsoft Dynamic HTML’s data binding capabilities,” said Isaak Karaev, president and CEO of Multex Systems. “With Dynamic HTML, we can build the user interface to our next-generation business applications.”

Microsoft Dynamic HTML is fully compatible with World Wide Web Consortium specifications including the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Recommendation and the CSS Positioning and HTML 4.0 Working Drafts to ensure the broadest level of interoperability with third-party products. With Dynamic HTML, authors can update Web page elements using HTML, the Visual Basic® programming system Scripting Edition or JScript
development software and can extend Dynamic HTML using Java
Applets and ActiveX

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