Microsoft and Euristix Join Forces to Bring Key Telecom Management Software to Market

REDMOND, Wash., and DUBLIN, Ireland, Sept. 9, 1997 — Microsoft Corp. and Euristix Ltd., an international developer of Microsoft® Windows NT® Server-based element management system (EMS) software technology for the telecommunications industry, announced their cooperation focused on the evolution of RACEMAN
nETWORK element management products. Microsoft is providing technical development support in the further evolution of Euristix’s RACEMAN EMS family of products.

Euristix EMS products are developed on the Windows NT Server network operating system under the umbrella brand name of RACEMAN. The currently available RACEMAN element management products have broad applicability across the principal telecommunications access product domains including xDSL, wireless, hybrid fiber-coax (HFC), fiber in the loop (FITL) and ATM. RACEMAN Transport Network EMS products address digital cross connect systems, SONET ADM-based ring networks, and mobile base station network element infrastructures.

“Euristix launched a strategic development program four years ago to build RACEMAN EMS products on the Windows NT Server environment,”
said Leonard Donnelly, RACEMAN vice president and general manager.
“Both Regional Bell Operating companies (RBOCs) and new operators are now readily endorsing Windows NT Server-based element management environments. In Europe, the adoption of Windows NT Server-based management systems was pioneered by Ericsson DIAX, with Tellabs leading this progressive trend in North America. Both firms are strategic clients of Euristix.”

“Euristix understands international standards, element management, and Windows NT requirements,”
said Tim Fritzley, vice president, Tellabs Network Solutions Group.
“This plays a critical role in deployments of CABLESPAN and TITAN products, which are developed (in partnership with Euristix) on Windows NT as a single system or as a distributed client server architecture, depending on the performance requirements.”

Collaboration Strategy

Microsoft’s collaboration with Euristix is an important component of its strategy, announced in June, to work with independent software vendors to deliver telecommunications management platforms and applications based on Microsoft Windows NT Server.

“In today’s highly competitive telecommunications industry, the cost-effective deployment and management of new infrastructure and services is a key success factor,”
said Bill Anderson, director of telecom industry marketing at Microsoft.
“Microsoft’s cooperation with Euristix will help further automate the management of network element resources, thereby significantly lowering overhead for both fixed and mobile telecommunications operators and equipment manufacturers.”

RACEMAN Product Family

“RACEMAN EMS products designed on Microsoft Windows NT Server provide the ideal foundation for intuitive visualization of the managed devices,”
said Bryan Alton, Euristix’s chief technology officer.
“This provides easy navigation in both small and large complex network element telecommunications infrastructures. Windows NT Server offers low cost and scalability and is increasingly accepted in the telecommunications industry for management control tasks.”

RACEMAN EMSX is an element management system designed to meet telecommunications service providers’ requirement for a scalable, distributable operations and management platform. Typically, EMSX manages telecommunications transport and access equipment. EMSX provides industry-standard interfaces, depending on the vendor’s requirements (e.g., TL1, TMN, SNMP, Web/HTML), to higher-level operations support systems. It is configurable to meet specific management requirements of a network element in the areas of communications, device management, provisioning and testing.

RACEMAN IQ3 is a technology used for rapidly implementing Q adapter solutions for telecommunications equipment. IQ3 technology significantly reduces the time and complexity traditionally associated with Q3 agent development. IQ3 delivers a low-cost TMN solution specifically designed for telecommunications equipment vendors. It uses enhanced scripting technology to provide a configurative mapping function between Q3 operations and existing management interfaces such as TL1 and SNMP. The Q adapter runs on a Windows NT Server system and can be implemented without affecting the managed element.

About Euristix

Euristix was established in 1990. The company currently employs 125 personnel in Dublin, Ireland, and San Jose, Calif. Euristix is organized into two strategic business units, RACEMAN products and advanced telecommunications software services. Euristix has acquired in excess of 50 telecom equipment vendor client accounts over a seven-year period since the company was established in 1990, and retains a solid reputation for quality product delivery.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

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