Top 10 Internet Service Providers to Deliver Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 To Bring Millions of New Users to the Internet

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 17, 1997 — Readying for the Sept. 30 launch of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0, Microsoft Corp. today announced that the industry’s top 10 ISPs have chosen to distribute Internet Explorer 4.0 and its Outlook
Express e-mail client to their users beginning Sept. 30. In addition to providing Microsoft’s next-generation Internet client, each ISP is taking advantage of key Internet Explorer technologies and tools to enhance its subscriber offerings, such as developing Active Channel
content and customizing Internet Explorer using the Internet Explorer Administration Kit.

Concentric Network and Erol’s Internet now join AT & T WorldNet Service, EarthLink Network, GTE Internetworking, MCI, MindSpring, MSN Ô, The Microsoft Network online service, NETCOM, Prodigy Internet, Sprint Internet Passport, SPRYNET and Time Warner’s Road Runner in offering Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 as the default browser to their customers. This unmatched ISP support will deliver Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 to millions of new users at a rate of more than 150,000 copies per month. In addition, Internet Explorer 4.0 will be offered to an existing subscriber base of more than 8 million users.

“We are thrilled with the unprecedented level of support Internet Explorer 4.0 has garnered from the leading Internet service providers,” said Brad Chase, vice president, application and Internet client group at Microsoft. “By investing in the development of Internet Explorer 4.0 technologies – such as Active Channel content and the Outlook Express e-mail client – these Internet service providers are going to be among the primary drivers in bringing millions of new users to the Internet.”

Power to Customize and Enhance Customer and Distribution Offerings

Each of the ISPs is creating content for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 using Active Channel technologies. These innovations allow ISPs to differentiate their product offerings and build closer relationships with their customers. ISPs can provide Active Desktop items to help users get the most from their services, deliver new software and technical help or assistance information directly to customer desktops, and support the latest Internet technologies such as streaming multimedia and Internet conferencing.

For example, NETCOM is using Active Channel technology to allow users to communicate and manage its offerings more easily.

“Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 is a great vehicle for NETCOM to deliver its value-added services to our individual and business customers,” said Mike Kallet, senior vice president, products and services at NETCOM. “Through Active Channel technology, NETCOM’s customers can personalize their Web interface to increase productivity while gaining accessibility to future applications and connectivity solutions.”

Prodigy Internet is using Internet Explorer 4.0 Active Channel technology to deliver an interactive new design for its service.

“Prodigy is using Active Channel technology to enhance Prodigy Internet, as well as to broaden the company’s reach by delivering exciting new products, including our first channel, to the Internet audience,” said Chip Austin, senior vice president of sales at Prodigy. “Internet Explorer 4.0 will allow us to bring the very best and easiest-to-use Internet technologies, such as Outlook Express, to our members.”

“Internet Explorer 4.0 will give our members important tools for controlling their Web experience,” said Tom Shoemaker, product marketing and management vice president at AT & T WorldNet Service. “For instance, members will now be able to have the latest information from their favorite Web pages delivered directly to their desktops.”

Internet Explorer Administration Kit Part of ISP Solution

Key to ISP support of Internet Explorer 4.0 is the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 4.0. ISPs can use the kit to customize Internet Explorer 4.0 to the specific needs of their users and to create a strong brand identity for their service. The Internet Explorer Administration Kit gives ISPs unmatched flexibility to implement custom features, including branding Internet Explorer 4.0 and Outlook Express with their name in the title bar, adding their own unique Active Channel content, prepopulating favorites, and preconfiguring the software to connect to their service easily.

Internet Explorer 4.0 CD-ROM Available From Leading ISPs Today

Participating ISPs are making Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 available on CD-ROM for users of the Windows® 95 and Windows NT® operating systems for a nominal shipping and handling fee. Both new and current users can order via phone by Sept. 30. These ISPs include the following:

  • AT & T WorldNet: (800) WORLDNET

  • Concentric Network: (800) 939-4262

  • Erol’s Internet: (888) GO EROLSPC

  • GTE Internetworking: (888) GTE-4484

  • MCI Business Markets: (800) 955-5210

  • MindSpring: (800) 779-2969

  • MSN: (800) FREE MSN

  • NETCOM On-Line: (888) 368-3033

  • Prodigy Internet: (800) 776-3449

  • Sprint Internet Passport: (800) 959-1981


Today’s announcement follows similar broad industry support from the world’s leading 50 PC manufacturers and over 200 top Solution Providers who have chosen Internet Explorer 4.0 to offer to their customers.

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