Microsoft Project 98 Launches With Global Industry Support

CHICAGO, Sept. 29, 1997 — At the annual Project Management Institute Symposium in Chicago, Microsoft Corp. today showcased key players in the project management industry that plan to extend and support Microsoft® Project 98 – the just-announced upgrade to Microsoft’s best-selling project management software for the Windows® operating system.

“With this release we have made several key investments that facilitate the integration of Microsoft Project with other tools,” said Kathleen Hebert, general manager of the planning products unit at Microsoft. “We have dramatically improved the scheduling capabilities to provide the level of planning detail that our partners require, and we have opened up project data for integration with other systems with our new, native database file format.”

Solution providers worldwide are providing a wide range of extended services and capabilities for Microsoft Project 98. Some of the major project management vendors with plans to support the product include the following:

Coopers & Lybrand Offers SUMMIT Methodologies

Coopers & Lybrand L.L.P. uses Microsoft Project to schedule projects created with SUMMIT methodologies. This is done by creating Microsoft Project databases within the SUMMIT PM tool. “We look forward to the more robust integration of Microsoft Project 98 with enterprise-capable database engines, since this takes us both further toward sharing good people across projects,” said Bruce Wallman, SUMMIT PM development manager at Coopers & Lybrand.

LBMS Integrates Process Engineer With Microsoft Project

Process Engineer is a suite of tools that provides an integrated environment to automate business and information technology processes and projects. “Microsoft Project has been a core component of our process and project management solution from the beginning,” said Rick Pleczko, senior vice president, product marketing and development at LBMS. “We are delighted with the new features of Microsoft Project 98, which firmly support an enterprisewide solution for defining, deploying, measuring and improving processes and projects for increased effectiveness.”

Technologies Extends Business Engine to Support Microsoft Project 98

Micro-Frame Technologies Inc.’s Business Engine is an enterprise solution for project-driven, resource-constrained organizations involved in information technology, new product development and research. Business Engine consolidates Microsoft Project 98 data into a multidimensional, project, department and resource repository, integrates this repository with other enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and provides the visibility to ensure that these organizations get maximum return on their most critical asset – their people.

SHL TRANSFORM Integrates Process and Project Management

from the Online Knowledge Group (a division of MCI Systemhouse and SHL Systemhouse) is a knowledge-driven process management solution that provides development staff with online knowledge, including best practices, sample objects and just-in-time training. SHL TRANSFORM offers a customizable repository and integration with Microsoft Project 98 from the Planner and Workbook tools. These interfaces allow teams to export plans to Microsoft Project 98 for scheduling and tracking, to access the repository of best practices, and to manage projects using the information stored in Microsoft Project 98.

Oracle Projects Offers Interface With Microsoft Project

Oracle Projects is a family of enterprise applications providing a central repository of project cost, billing and performance data, and integration with Oracle Financials and Oracle Manufacturing. Oracle Projects’ bidirectional integration with Microsoft Project provides a seamless enterprise system that manages the full life cycle of projects and activities while providing all data needed for project management, enterprise decision support and financial reporting.

In addition to these global companies, more than 200 other organizations around the world offer products and services to support and extend Microsoft Project. These companies offer a wide variety of products, ranging from product training to charting and risk analysis tools to custom development services that integrate Microsoft Project with other corporate systems. A database of these organizations is available from the Microsoft Project Web site at .

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