Microsoft Releases Visual C++ Technology Preview

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 28, 1997 — Microsoft Corp. today released the Microsoft® Visual C++® development system Technology Preview, offering new development functionality that enables developers to take advantage of the latest Microsoft platforms and technologies. The Technology Preview lets Visual C++ developers access the full benefits of Dynamic HTML and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 today. It also contains the latest support for OLE DB and high-performance data access, key enabling technologies for Microsoft’s Universal Data Access strategy.

The Technology Preview is an addition to Visual C++ 5.0, which consists of two components: (1) Internet Explorer 4.0 support in Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) for building browser-based applications and hosting the Internet Explorer Common Controls, and (2) OLE DB templates and wizards for easier implementation of OLE DB data access interfaces. Both will continue to be developed and incorporated into the next version of Microsoft Visual C++ and “Aspen,” the code name for the upcoming version of the Visual Studio
development system.

“The Technology Preview gives developers immediate access to the tools they need to build applications using Internet Explorer 4.0 and OLE DB technology,” said Paul Gross, vice president of the developer tools division at Microsoft. “It represents the first part of Microsoft’s efforts to make sure developers can utilize the latest technologies and get a feel for what they will be able to accomplish with ‘Aspen.'”

Develop With the Latest Browser Technologies

The Technology Preview helps users begin developing for Internet Explorer 4.0 immediately, without waiting for the next version of Visual C++. With Visual C++ 5.0 and the Technology Preview, developers can begin working with the power and flexibility of Dynamic HTML and the new Common Controls today to build browser-based front ends with the richness and functionality of Internet Explorer 4.0.

“The next generation of Web applications will take advantage of powerful features of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, such as Dynamic HTML and XML,” said Cornelius Willis, director of platform marketing at Microsoft. “Visual C++ Technology Preview, along with the Internet Client SDK, gives C and C++ developers the tools to build these next-generation applications today.”

Dynamic HTML support allows new or existing COM controls to interact on the fly with data downloaded to the browser, reducing server load. With support for the new Common Controls, developers can easily add rich functionality to their applications through a variety of controls.

Using ActiveX
Document Containment, developers can now seamlessly incorporate all the functionality and features of programs like Word, Microsoft Excel and Internet Explorer 4.0 within MFC applications. Users then have full use of charts, graphs and even Web browsers in MFC applications.

Fast and Easy Data Access

The Technology Preview lets users take advantage of the speed and reach of OLE DB. OLE DB, part of Microsoft’s Universal Data Access strategy, provides high-performance access to any data source – relational and nonrelational, e-mail and file systems, text and graphics, custom business objects and more.

New OLE DB Consumer and Provider templates with wizard support make it easier to implement OLE DB data access interfaces. Included in the Technology Preview is a beta version of the new OLE DB Provider templates, which help build OLE DB providers, significantly reducing development time and the need for developers to write all the code themselves. Similarly, OLE DB Consumer templates, also in the Technology Preview, provide applications with high-speed access to data while minimizing the amount of code required.

Availability and Additional Information

As the name implies, the Technology Preview is a first look at new functionality in the next version of Microsoft Visual C++ and enables developers using Visual C++ to take advantage of these new technologies today. The Technology Preview gives developers an early chance to familiarize themselves with the new tools and platforms. As development continues on Visual C++, support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, OLE DB and other new Microsoft technologies will be incorporated in the final product.

Timing for the next version of Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 – the most productive C++ environment for high-performance application development – has not been announced. The Technology Preview is available for users of Visual C++ 5.0 only. It will be available for download on Wednesday, October 29 at . Microsoft will send the Technology Preview CD to all those who attended the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference. Users can also order the

Technology Preview on CD-ROM for U.S. $14.95 (CDN $19.95) plus shipping and handling charges of U.S. $7.50 (CDN $12).

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