MSN Extends 56Kbps Access to All U.S. Members

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 12, 1997 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it is extending K56Flex technology to all U.S. members of MSN
, The Microsoft Network Internet online service, in conjunction with UUNET Technologies Inc., a U.S. access supplier for MSN. This expansion will provide members of MSN with the convenience and speed of nationwide K56Flex access.

Deployment of the 56Kbps technology began today, and all MSN service areas are scheduled to have 56Kbps access over the next several weeks. 56Kbps modems allow members of MSN to access the network at near-ISDN download speeds without the inconvenience or high costs involved with installing ISDN lines. There is no additional charge to members of MSN for the 56Kbps service.

“By offering the speed and convenience of K56Flex technology nationwide, MSN is once again helping members get things done faster online,” said Laura Jennings, vice president, The Microsoft Network.

MSN recently finished a successful field trial of K56Flex access technology in seven U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Washington and Seattle. According to Tom Blank, director of access services, The Microsoft Network, the K56Flex field trial produced invaluable feedback from customers, which helped to make the current 56Kbps offering more robust and stable.

“We’d like to thank all the members of MSN who participated in our 56Kbps field trial,” said Blank. “Without their responses, this expansion would not have been possible.”

Access Expansion Update

In August, MSN announced a major modem capacity increase that provides more than 60 additional U.S. cities with new local dial-up numbers for members of MSN. Currently, access has been increased by more than 350 percent in 1997. At least one local phone number in each MSN service area is scheduled to be devoted to K56Flex technology. MSN is dedicated to supporting an industry-standard 56Kbps technology when one has been reached.

For Interested Members of MSN

Taking advantage of MSN 56Kbps access is simple. Members of MSN must have a qualified K56Flex modem (available at most computer retailers) and configure their Internet dialer with the appropriate MSN dial-up number.

Background on The Microsoft Network

The Microsoft Network of online services makes it easy for consumers to harness the power of the Internet to lead more informed, more fun and more productive lives. MSN combines a comprehensive set of core Internet services, including e-mail, online forums and communities, and content and services programming, with direct access to leading Microsoft® sites for news, travel, investment, car buying, games and entertainment. Specific programming and services available on MSN include the Microsoft Encarta® multimedia encyclopedia, the Expedia Ô travel service, Disney’s Daily Blast SM and SM , the Slate Ô online magazine, the CarPoint Ô online automotive service, the Microsoft Investor online investing service, and up-to-date news and information from MSNBC News. The MSN home page can be

reached at ( . Additional press information is available at ( .

Users can visit the MSN home page at ( to order MSN 2.5, the upcoming release of The Microsoft Network. Users with the Microsoft Windows® 95 operating system and a modem can try MSN version 2.5 with a free* one-month trial by calling (800) FREE-MSN (373-3676) and requesting a CD.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

*MSN offer: For users of the Windows 95 operating system only. One-month free unlimited trial is available to new members of MSN in the 50 United States, the District of Columbia or Canada only. A credit card is required. MSN premium charges, access charges (if access is purchased from a provider other than MSN) and local phone and/or long-distance toll charges may apply. Access availability may be affected by local market network activity and capacity. Offer expires Dec. 31, 1998.

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