Microsoft HomeAdvisor: What They’re Saying

Microsoft HomeAdvisor

What They’re Saying

Don Willmott, PC Magazine, July 15, 1998

“Microsoft® HomeAdvisor
™is one of the most remarkable shopping sites I’ve seen. Even if you’re a renter and plan to stay that way, you should check out the site and see the kinds of groundbreaking features that HomeAdvisor has to offer. It’s hard not to be impressed by such a wide-ranging and robust site. Give HomeAdvisor a look.”

Jesse Berst, ZDNet AnchorDesk (, Aug. 5, 1998

If you’re a consumer, HomeAdvisor is what you should be expecting from e-commerce. If you’re a Web publisher, this is what you should be doing for your customers. HomeAdvisor is full of concepts that will become essential to successful e-commerce.”

Lisa Wirthman, Investor’s Business Daily, July 13, 1998

“Microsoft took special pains to be diplomatic when building HomeAdvisor. Advisory board members say Microsoft put a lot of effort into making them feel comfortable with the site. Microsoft agreed to give consumers direct access to real estate agents whose names appear on home listings.”

Warren Lutz, Inman News Features, July 13, 1998

“The most interesting feature about HomeAdvisor is the amount of power and information it delivers to consumers. Few real estate sites strip down a neighborhood to its descriptive core the way Microsoft has done. The site is jammed with serious demographics, making it clear it is not just a home-listing promo site: It offers granular data.”

Zona Research Inc., July 14, 1998

“Microsoft HomeAdvisor offers a unique home-buying experience for its audience by integrating multiple listings, neighborhood information and finance databases with a wizardlike set of guides and user interfaces. In other words, Microsoft has created a home-buying application for the Web — something we believe is a first. We believe that home buyers will be excited by the simplicity and time-saving features of HomeAdvisor.”

Gary Craft, BancAmerica Robertson Stephens, July 13, 1998

Quite frankly, what we see is a fully integrated site for home shopping. It’s not about buying a mortgage per se or even how to go through the home-buying process, but really everything. Ultimately, there are a lot of ways this product can go. And you can count on

Microsoft getting a lot of mileage out of it.


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