Digital and Microsoft Announce A Joint Program For Internet-Enhanced Intelligent Networks

Digital and Microsoft Announce A Joint Program For Internet-Enhanced Intelligent Networks

REDMOND, Wash., March 19, 1998 — Digital Equipment Corp. and Microsoft® Corp. today announced a new program to address the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry for delivering a wide array of services to their customers. The program focuses on Internet-Enhanced Intelligent Networks, which combine intelligent networks (IN) with the power, flexibility and momentum of the Internet and the Microsoft® Windows NT® Server operating system. This enables telecom network operators to cost-effectively deliver a new generation of services to their customers.

At the heart of the new program is the Windows NT Server implementation of Digital’s industry-standard Signaling System Number 7 product, DECss7 ( . DECss7 on Windows NT provides high-performance telecom servers that enable telecom service providers to deliver a wide range of intelligent network services to their customers. For telecom network deployment, DECss7 for Windows NT Server will is scheduled for delivery be delivered to market by Digital in August 1998. The application programming interface (API) of DECss7 for Windows NT Server is currently available for use by applications providers to develop or port IN applications. In conjunction with this announcement, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc. today became the first software company to utilize DECss7 for Windows NT Server. As part of the joint program, Digital and Microsoft will plan to identify and work with application providers as they target DECss7 on Windows NT Server for enhanced network solutions.

DECss7 for Windows NT Server will provide the level of nonstop performance and reliability the telecom industry requires and will be available for customer premise and central office NEBS/ETSI-compliant configurations. The initial use of DECss7 for Windows NT Server is targeted for enhanced IN services such as unified messaging and virtual call centers, and as the cornerstone for integration of the Internet with intelligent network solutions.

The main features of the DECss7 for Windows NT Server product line will include the following:

  • Compliance with worldwide SS7 standards

  • APIs identical to UNIX and OpenVMS versions of DECss7, enabling easy porting of applications from one operating system to another and ensuring interoperability among each

  • A full range of server configurations, from PC to very large configurations capable of handling thousands of transactions per second, and the ability to transparently migrate from low to high end configurations

  • Cost-effective high availability for mission-critical applications, a feature embedded within the DECss7 family of products

DECss7 for Windows NT Server complements Digital’s industry-leading UNIX- and OpenVMS-based intelligent network products which are in use in over 120 telecom networks today. As with the UNIX- and OpenVMS-based IN platforms, Digital will provide comprehensive service capability for DECss7 for Windows NT Server, including a full portfolio of professional services, supporting customers and partners from idea to implementation and business-critical services, available worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By providing Windows NT Alpha and Intel server-based systems, as well as 64-bit UNIX, OpenVMS and interoperability between these operating systems, Digital provides an unparalleled suite of telecommunication platforms.

“Deregulation and the resulting increased competition in the world telecom market, has resulted in rapid growth of personalized services delivered via fixed and mobile telephone networks and the Internet,”
said Bernard Marclay, Digital’s worldwide director for Internet-Enhanced Intelligent Networks.
“In response to this growing market, Digital and Microsoft are working together to produce and deliver robust computing servers, based on the Alpha and Intel-based processors and the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system. This convergence of technologies embraces telecommunications network intelligence, equipment for intelligent network access from customer premise, network-based Internet telephony and Internet-enabled telecom services.”

“Digital’s telecom platforms running Windows NT Server will allow service provider customers and telecom equipment and ISV partners to achieve new levels of price/performance for delivering enhanced services to their customers,”
said Cameron Myhrvold, vice president of Microsoft’s internet customer unit.
“We are excited about how DECss7 for Windows NT Server will enable service providers to cost-effectively deliver a wide range of new services drawing on resources from both the intelligent network and the Internet.”

First Application Provider Announced: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories

The first application developer to use DECss7 for Windows NT Server is Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories (Nasdaq:
), a leading provider of virtual call centers and intelligent call routing solutions. The first application running on DECss7 for Windows NT Server, called the Genesys Interaction Router, will be showcased by Digital and Genesys at the IN World Forum, to be held in Orlando, Fla., on March 30-April 2, 1998.

The Genesys Interaction Router performs flexible, business-rules routing of calls, e-mail and other communications within single and multi-site call centers. It collects information from various telephony systems, checks it against enterprise and call center applications, and identifies the agents best able to handle that specific customer interaction.

With the DECss7 Network Interface option, Genesys users are able to control calls at the network level from multiple call center premise locations. Calls are held in the network while routing strategies are checked and then the calls are routed to the appropriate site and agent anywhere in the enterprise. This capability ensures that calls get to the right agent the first time, thereby improving customer satisfaction and service and providing significant savings in toll charges and transfer costs.

“We’re very enthusiastic about bringing this robust, flexible intelligent network solution to the Windows NT Server platform. The result is a broader range of cost-effective options for our customers,”
said John McNulty, vice president of channels and sales for Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories.
“We have optimized our Interaction Router product for Digital’s IN platform, allowing enterprises and telcos to efficiently deploy next-generation value-added services on the industry’s most cost-effective operating system.”

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