Global Office will help customers meet strategic goals

T he expanded enterprise alliance between Wang Global and Microsoft will introduce “Global Office,” a framework developed to help customers meet strategic goals by linking their business and technology objectives. Global Office is designed to provide customers with timely, efficient, and predictable deployment of their network and desktop solutions by using a common operating environment based on Microsoft’s products. The Global Office programs include:

Managed Desktop

A combination of Wang Global’s comprehensive networked technology services and Microsoft’s 32-bit technologies allow customers to create a managed desktop environment. Common characteristics, standardized user environments, policy enforcement, and centralized distribution and management allow customers to reduce complexity at the desktop, lower their total cost of ownership and increase business value.

Secure Intranet and Trusted Extranet

This alliance will let customers take advantage of Wang Global’s security expertise and comprehensive service offerings to build an effective and secure connected environment. By implementing Microsoft’s Internet server and desktop technologies, customers will be able to provide managed access (access rights: firewall and proxies) to the Internet from inside or outside the organization.

Enterprise Messaging Foundation and Migration

Companies can leverage employee and corporate knowledge by providing access to information that enables global teamwork. Microsoft products and Wang Global services provide the foundation for enterprise messaging and collaboration.

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