Statement by Microsoft Regarding Illinois Extortion Case

Statement by Microsoft Regarding Illinois Extortion Case

REDMOND, Wash., March 24, 1998 — In a statement released Tuesday, Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates expressed his appreciation to federal, local and international law enforcement officials for their efforts in resolving the case of an Illinois man who made a series of death threats against Gates and his family.

“This has been a very difficult incident for my family, so I want to thank all the law enforcement officials for their excellent work in resolving this case,”
Gates said.

On Tuesday, a jury found the Illinois man guilty of four counts of mailing threatening correspondence.

As a standing policy, Microsoft does not comment on security arrangements involving Bill Gates, his family or other executive leadership at the company, other than to confirm that appropriate security measures are in place. We appreciate the sensitivity of the media in treating this subject with the discretion and care it deserves.

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