Microsoft Announces Broad Availability of Office 98 Macintosh Edition

C orporations will reap the benefits of Office as a cross-platform solution. Office users on both Macintosh and Windows machines can now share files seamlessly, since Office 98 Macintosh Edition and Office 97 for Windows share identical file formats. Microsoft customers like Andy Drooker, Director of Technology & Infrastructure at Turner Broadcasting Sales have been anxious to deploy Office 98 saying, “In addition to the significant enhancements in Office 98, we will also have total compatibility and integration in all the divisions of Turner Broadcasting Sales.” Drooker went on to say, “We won’t have to worry about compatibility between Macintosh and Windows users of Office applications, which is where 80% of our work is done.”

In another announcement today that furthers Microsoft and Apple’s relationship — a special $30 (US) rebate offer for customers who purchase Office 98 Macintosh Edition and Mac OS 8.1 together between March 15, 1998 and June 30, 1998. You can learn more about this promotion are located at “Apple is very excited about the release of Office 98, in fact we’ve decided to standardize on the suite internally at Apple,” said Mitch Mandich, Senior VP of Worldwide Sales at Apple Computer Inc.

Microsoft and DataViz, Inc. demonstrate third party software support for the new Office suite today, announcing that they are collaborating to help organizations and individual users migrate to and coexist with Office 98. The MacLinkPlus Excel 97-98 Converter is intended for users of Microsoft Office 4.2.1 on Macintosh or Power Macintosh computers. A free trial version may be downloaded from the Microsoft web site (
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