DHTML Editing Component Enables WYSIWYG Editing Features Across HTML Applications

With Microsoft’s new Dynamic HTML editing component, any 32-bit Windows-based application using or outputting HTML documents can now provide rich formatting and visual editing features to help meet application end-user needs. For example, authoring applications can now allow end users to drag and drop page elements without having to write positioning code. Corporate developers can use the editing component to generate HTML forms for their Visual Basic or HTML-based applications. Developers can also create custom features with the Dynamic HTML editing component by accessing Internet Explorer’s powerful support for the Document Object Model.

Using editing component features is easy for authors and application developers, who can use any programming language to add basic formatting, WYSIWYG positioning, and selection features to their applications. For this reason, many leading vendors have committed to use the Dynamic HTML editing component in future releases of their products. These top vendors – leaders in the HTML tool, email and help segments – are Allaire Corp., Blue Sky Software Corp., EveryWare Development Inc., ExperTelligence Inc., HyperAct, Microsoft, Novita Communications Inc., Pictorius Inc., Sybase Inc., SoftQuad Inc. and Vectrix Corp

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