Tests Show Most Microsoft Products Are Year 2000-Compliant

Of the products tested, the vast majority are compliant, or compliant with minor issues that are now fully documented. Among the products that are compliant, or compliant with minor issues, are Microsoft Windows NT server and workstation 4.0, Microsoft Windows 95, Office 4 Standard, Office 95 Standard and Professional editions and Office 97. For products that require a fix or service pack, Microsoft has provided this at no additional charge.

For the few products that are not year 2000-compliant, such as Word 5 for DOS, the guide explains why and gives the recommended steps to compliance. The guide will be updated continually, as tested product information becomes available, and will give viewers the ability to quickly locate the information they need.

The resource center also provides information about the steps customers should take to identify and reduce their exposure to software problems related to the year 2000, along with information about how Microsoft products, services and partners can best help customers with their overall solutions.

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