Innovation and Integration are Central Microsoft Themes at Show

Following his keynote speech, Gates announced nine award winners in the Windows World Open, an international competition that recognizes innovative custom application development for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The award winners were selected from 27 finalists out of more than 100 entries in the annual competition, which is designed to showcase the talents of developers worldwide using Windows-based development platforms.

The Microsoft Partner Pavilion, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Pavilion and the Windows World ’98 Future Technology Showcase also are focal points of Microsoft’s presence at Windows World and COMDEX Spring ’98 this week. Each of these exhibits demonstrates the innovative contributions Microsoft and its partners have made to the PC industry, as well as showcasing cutting-edge technology that will enhance people’s lives in the future.

More than 110 PC industry leaders are demonstrating the latest innovative solutions based on Microsoft products in the Microsoft Partner Pavilion, located in McCormick Place, East Hall, Booth #822. The Partner Pavilion includes the next wave of software applications, custom solutions and hardware platforms. In addition, Microsoft is sponsoring Universal Serial Bus Pavilion, which showcases products based on the emerging standard for connecting peripherals to PCs. The pavilion provides visitors with the opportunity to look at tomorrow’s technology today, as USB vendors exhibit exciting plug and play peripherals.

Microsoft and ZD Comdex Forums are co-sponsoring a set of real-world technology environments this week in the Future Technology Showcase, located at the entrance to Windows World just over the skybridge in the East Hall. The theme of the exhibit is, “The Future Is Closer Than You Think,” and consists of several vignettes designed to show how existing cutting-edge technology and future technological applications will enhance the way people live, work and learn every day.

  • They include:

  • Home vignette: Demonstrates how devices such as a Web-enabled telephone, a TV with a set-top box and a PC can operate together in the home.

  • Business traveler vignette: Shows how the AutoPC can be used to obtain directions to a meeting, how a hand-held PC can be used to deliver corporate boardroom presentations and how a conceptual cellular phone can be used for various functions in the airport.

  • Recreation vignette: Illustrates how the AutoPC, a handheld GPS device and the Digital TV can be used for recreation.

  • Retail vignette: Demonstrates a Windows-based piano and an embedded Windows retail kiosk attached to an espresso cart; also shows how multiple Palm PC devices can be used to coordinate scheduling.

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