BaanWorld 98: Extending the Enterprise

Thousands converged on Denver this week to hear more about extending the enterprise at BaanWorld 98. Microsoft Chairman and CEO Bill Gates, addressing Microsoft and Baan’s partnership, explained how the two companies’ complementary core competencies, innovation, and customer focus will benefit the expansion of their development technology agreement announced last September. In that pact, Baan and Microsoft agreed on a path of co-development and technology sharing to influence each other’s future enterprise technologies.

Working to drive complexity out of the enterprise, Baan has adopted Microsoft’s Component Object Model, COM/DCOM as its primary development, deployment, maintenance and interoperability infrastructure. In fact, Baan is the first enterprise applications vendor to deliver native COM/DCOM implementation in its product offerings, beginning with AurumFrontOffice. Combined with Microsoft’s ongoing initiatives to lower total cost of ownership, and deliver intuitive, easy to implement products, customers will find world-class enterprise products that provide real business solutions today.

Similarly, in a joint Microsoft release, Aurum Software today announced availability of Microsoft SQL Server within its entire suite of products. AurumFrontOffice exemplifies the readiness of Microsoft technologies for the enterprise. Aurum’s customer management application was built on and integrates with many Microsoft technologies, including Visual Basic, COM, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft BackOffice, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows 95 and NT.

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