Microsoft Site Server 3.0 and Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition Now Available

Microsoft Site Server 3.0 and Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition Now Available

REDMOND, Wash., April 27, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate availability of Microsoft® Site Server 3.0 and Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition. With its enterprise publishing, search and delivery services, Site Server 3.0 provides the foundation for low-cost intranet solutions that companies can use to dramatically improve corporate knowledge management. Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition is the comprehensive Internet commerce server that enables large and midsized companies to build and maintain business-to-consumer and business-to-business online commerce sites.

More than 1,000 leading corporations worldwide have adopted Site Server and Site Server Commerce Edition for powerful intranet knowledge management and Internet commerce solutions. In addition, hundreds of independent software vendors, systems integrators and Microsoft Solution Providers are adopting the software and extending it to create industry- and customer-specific solutions.

In a related announcement today, Pandesic LLC and Microsoft announced that Pandesic is planning to embed Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition into the Pandesic e-business solution.

Customer and Third-Party Momentum Builds for Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition

Leading corporations that have begun using Site Server Commerce Edition most recently include Eastman Chemical Co., Freightliner Corp., Merisel Corp., Office Depot Inc., Rand McNally & Co., R.R. Donnelley & Sons, Staples Inc. and United Airlines. These companies join other top firms, including, The Bombay Company Inc., CompUSA Inc., Dell Computer Corp., Eddie Bauer Inc., 1-800-FLOWERS, Gap, Hudson’s Bay Co., SkyMall Inc., Software Spectrum Inc. and Tower Records.

Site Server Commerce Edition enables businesses to build and maintain cost-effective, highly manageable sites for electronic commerce that handle high volumes of transactions for online retailing, corporate purchasing and supply-chain management applications. These customers benefit from faster time-to-market and reduced development costs for sites that engage customers and partners effectively, handle transactions securely and reliably, and allow in-depth analysis of online business.

For example, Merisel, a $4.05 billion distributor, is using Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition to manage distribution to more than 25,000 resellers over the Internet.

“Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition enables us to utilize the Internet for powerful, business-to-business solutions that have a clear and immediate efficiency benefit for us and our resellers,”
said Ralph Lai, manager, electronic commerce at Merisel.
“Our application allows us to improve customer service by enabling Merisel’s resellers to place orders online and view spec sheets, images, real-time inventory and order status.”

More than 50 industry-leading software vendors, such as Commerce One, CyberCash Inc., Great Plains Software Inc., Portland Software, SAP AG, Sterling Commerce Inc. and VeriFone Inc., are offering products that integrate with Site Server Commerce Edition to deliver to customers complete solutions with minimal custom development (see list following this release). In addition, more than 130 vendors participate in the Microsoft Value Chain Initiative (VCI) to create integrated, end-to-end real-time online transaction support for supply-chain applications (go to for a complete list of VCI members).

Companies Adopt Site Server 3.0 to Support Enterprise Knowledge Management

Major corporations, including The Dow Chemical Co., Merrill Lynch Company Inc. and J.D. Edwards & Co., are using Site Server 3.0 as the foundation for enterprise knowledge management solutions. Site Server improves the exchange of information and knowledge, such as corporate financial data and policies, marketing materials, and other corporate data, via Web-based intranets.

Users can more effectively locate and share information in a variety of sources including Web sites, file servers, Microsoft SQL Server
and ODBC databases, and Microsoft Exchange folders – all from a single user interface. Site Server 3.0 boosts business productivity by improving the accuracy of corporate intranet searches and enabling personalized information delivery for each user.

For example, J.D. Edwards, a business software provider with more than 3,100 employees at 40 sites worldwide, uses Site Server to support its innovative Knowledge Garden SM , an enterprisewide employee communication intranet. Employees can pull consistent information, on demand, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. J.D. Edwards estimates that Knowledge Garden helps it save $4.3 million annually.

“J.D. Edwards recognizes the strategic value of managing knowledge within our organization to empower employees and increase operational efficiencies,”
said Buffy Collison, senior vice president of worldwide marketing.
“Microsoft Site Server 3.0 is one of the integral components of J.D. Edwards’ sophisticated knowledge management solution, a solution that is enabling us to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Systems Integrators Adopt Site Server 3.0, Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition

Leading systems integrators building solutions based on Site Server and Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition for their customers worldwide include Digital Equipment Corp., Ernst & Young LLP, KPMG Consulting, NCR Corp. and Wang Global. These companies are independently building practices based on Site Server to support sophisticated client requirements for ecommerce and knowledge management solutions.

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft Site Server 3.0 and Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition are available now through Microsoft resellers worldwide. Site Server 3.0 is available starting at an estimated retail price (ERP) of of$1,239 per server including five client access licenses. Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition is available starting at $4,609 (ERP) per server, including 25 client access licenses. Upgrades from earlier versions of Site Server and Site Server Enterprise Edition are available for $969 (ERP) and $2,919 (ERP), respectively.

Site Server is a member of the Microsoft BackOffice® family of advanced server applications for the Windows NT® Server operating system. Site Server 3.0 is part of BackOffice Server 4.0, a complete, integrated server suite that makes it easy to build, manage and deploy powerful business solutions.

For more information on Microsoft Site Server 3.0 and Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition, or to download a free 90-day evaluation version (connect-time charges may apply), visit the Microsoft Web site at .

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Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition Launch

Independent Software Vendors and Systems Integrators

Calico Technology

ClearCommerce Corp.

CommerceOne Inc.

Compaq Computer Corp.

CrossRoute Software Inc.

CyberCash Inc.

CyberSource Corp.

DataCash Ltd.

Deloitte & Touche LLP


Digital Equipment Corp.

Dydacomp Development Corp.

ECWerks Inc.

Edifecs Corp.


Ernst & Young LLP

EveNTs Software Products Inc.

GCTech Inc.

Great Plains Software Inc.

Harbinger Corp.


ICVerify Inc.

INEX Corp.

KPMG Consulting

MPACT Immedia Corp.

NetVR Corp.

NCR Corp.

NetPerceptions Inc.

Neural Applications Corp.

OnDisplay Corp.

OrderTrust LLC

Pandesic Corp.

PaylinX Corp.

Portland Software


SAQQARA Systems Inc.

Smart Technologies Inc.

State of the Art Inc.

Sterling Commerce Inc.


TanData Corp.

Taxware International Inc.

Tellan Corp.

TSI International Software Ltd.

Trintech Inc.

USWeb Worldport

UUNet Technologies

VeriFone Inc.

Vertex Inc.

Wang Global Services

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