Desktop themes, games and maintenance tools among compelling features of Plus! 98

Microsoft Plus! 98 adds some extra polish and shine to your Windows 98 PC with the latest in entertainment and management utilities.

One of the main concerns facing users today is the threat of viruses. That’s why Plus! 98 includes McAfee VirusScan Software. The anti-virus software, which comes with six months of free updates, is integrated with the Windows 98 Maintenance Wizard, allowing for easy and trouble-free virus scanning. In addition, customer feedback has shown that users want to be able to optimize their PC’s performance quickly and easily. Plus! 98 targets this concern by including:

  • a File Cleaner utility to further optimize your hard-drive space by giving suggestions for deleting files;

  • a Start Menu Cleaner, which helps remove broken or non-existent links and empty folders; and

  • a Compressed Folders tool, which saves space by creating folders that take up less disk space, yet still allow files to be viewed and run.

Consumers not only want a computer that runs well, however, but also one that is fun to use. As a result, Plus! 98 includes several premier entertainment features. New desktop themes to customize a PC’s wallpaper, screen savers, cursors and sounds include topics such as Doonesbury, Cathy, Peanuts and Garfield, special interest topics such as Corbis Photography, Fashion, Gourmet, Jazz and Science Fiction and, finally, fun topics such as Falling Leaves, Horror Channel, World Traveler and Windows 98. Plus! 98 also includes home entertainment features such as a Deluxe CD player that not only plays music, but also lets users locate artist and music information on the Internet. In addition, Picture It! Express offers users the ability to capture, correct and modify their favorite photos digitally. Finally, games such as Microsoft Golf 1998 Lite, Spider Solitaire and Lose Your Marbles provide users with fun challenges when they need a break from the routine.

Plus! 98 will be available simultaneously with Windows 98, on shelves beginning June 25, with an estimated retail price of $44.95 (U.S.).

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