Even Novice users can take advantage of Liquid Motion to improve Web based communication

James Unnever, a sociology professor at Radford University in Virginia says, “Liquid Motion offered me a unique opportunity to create a dynamic Web site designed to get my students excited about learning criminology. Students instantly realize when they see the Liquid Motion animations that my course is using the latest technology and that it will expose them to a new and unique learning experience. Getting students excited about learning is essential and Liquid Motion is now an integral part of my courses. Best of all, with Liquid Motion I didn’t have to spend a lot of time learning about animations – I just started creating.”

Liquid Motion’s easy to use features include a familiar user interface, point-and-click animation, instant animation effects such as grow and shrink, one-button publishing , support for the latest Web technologies including 3-D graphics and Dynamic HTML, and flexible levels of animation so that novice users and Web professionals alike can take advantage of Liquid Motion’s power. In addition Liquid Motion offers a building block feature set enabling users to build on what they have already learned, so that the product grows with them and allows them to create more complex animations. Liquid Motion has been designed to be accessible to the broadest possible set of users by offering ease-of-use and finished animations that can be viewed by everyone.

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