Leading Software Vendors Embrace Growing Opportunity With Microsoft Exchange-Based Document Management And Workflow Solutions

Leading Software Vendors Embrace Growing Opportunity With Microsoft Exchange-Based Document Management And Workflow Solutions

ANAHEIM, Calif., May 12, 1998 — Several document management software vendors will demonstrate solutions at the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) trade show, May 12-14 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The solutions, to be demonstrated at Microsoft Booth 1135, showcase how Microsoft® Exchange Server is being widely adopted as a messaging and collaboration foundation for corporate digital nervous systems.

Microsoft Exchange Server has surpassed Lotus Notes in quarterly sales* to become the fastest-growing messaging and collaboration solution on the market, gaining widespread support from document systems independent software vendors (ISVs), such as Digital Equipment Corp., Eastman Software, FrontOffice Technologies, JetForm Corp. and Keyfile Corp., and their customers.

“Every company has different document management and workflow needs, but almost every company has an e-mail system in place,”
said Rich Noffsinger, group manager for document systems at Microsoft.
“More companies are adopting Microsoft Exchange Server than ever before, and document systems built on this messaging infrastructure give customers the flexibility to deploy cost-saving solutions quickly to manage information and its flow across an organization. ISVs have an enormous opportunity to build their businesses by adding value to their customers’ enterprisewide messaging infrastructure.”

Built on standard Internet and communications protocols, Microsoft Exchange Server has been widely adopted as the best messaging and collaboration foundation for a corporate digital nervous system. As a development platform, its open architecture allows ISVs to easily write document management, workflow and collaboration solutions for businesses of all sizes, while providing the scalability and manageability that enterprise customers need.

Digital Equipment

Digital has the most extensive experience integrating Microsoft Exchange, with 2.5 million seats under contract. Digital Work Expeditor enables customers to make the most of their investment in the Microsoft Exchange messaging infrastructure. Whether a business is trying to share documents, oversee projects collaboratively or manage customer files in a sales department, Digital Work Expeditor is a truly versatile application for customers to build, implement and manage mission-critical work management processes easily, securely and cost effectively.

“Digital Work Expeditor is a natural for businesses implementing or thinking about implementing Microsoft Exchange,”
said Steve Mahoney, vice president of Cross Industry Applications for Digital Worldwide Services.
“Our software, coupled with Digital’s unique expertise in integrating Microsoft Exchange, offers customers a low-risk, low-cost way to easily manage business processes while increasing the speed and reliability of transactions.”

Eastman Software

The Eastman Software Work Management for Exchange product family provides robust, collaborative work management capabilities for the Microsoft Exchange environment. These products enable the rapid development and deployment of collaborative applications that require such capabilities as document management, case management, collaborative project management and document imaging. With these powerful tools, teams can collaborate and manage critical business processes and documents. The family consists of EASTMAN SOFTWARE WorkFolder for Microsoft Exchange, EASTMAN SOFTWARE document manager for Microsoft Exchange and EASTMAN SOFTWARE Imaging for Windows® Professional Edition.

“Eastman Software is focused on bringing Work Management to the mainstream,”
said Bob Weiler, president of Eastman Software.
“The Exchange platform provides the robust and ubiquitous infrastructure necessary to build and deploy enterprisewide work management applications. Using Exchange as a platform for collaborative applications enables companies to rapidly deploy applications and take advantage of the investments made in their Exchange infrastructure.”

FrontOffice Technologies

FrontOffice for Microsoft Exchange 2.1 allows corporations to get the most out of their Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Server investment. Version 2.1 of FrontOffice takes advantage of the increased capacity for storing metadata and can integrate with the new routing wizards to provide basic workflow functions. With Exchange 5.5 as the backbone, document management occurs across all departments, empowering teams of people to work together more effectively and allowing information to be shared throughout an organization.

“We recognized the possibilities of Microsoft Exchange two years ago and have dedicated our product to this platform,”
said Owen Carton, vice president of marketing at FrontOffice Technologies.
“And with improvements such as the unlimited data storage capacity and add-ons such as the routing wizards, Microsoft Exchange 5.5 continues to prove itself as an ideal platform for document management technologies.”

JetForm Corp.

InTempo is JetForm’s new client-independent solution for enterprise workflow. Using an open architecture of HTML, Active Server Pages and Java, InTempo is broadly deployable across any LAN.
“JetForm’s strategy for delivering pervasive and affordable workflow is driven by the market’s demands for lower per-seat costs and greater client manageability,”
said Phil Weaver, chief operating officer and executive vice president for JetForm.
“We believe that – to be most effective – enterprise workflow must be universally available to all employees within the organization as well as customers and suppliers in the extended enterprise. JetForm InTempo and Microsoft Exchange 5.5 form a powerful and complementary offering that exploits JetForm’s core competencies in workflow applications and Microsoft’s messaging expertise to fulfill these requirements.”

Keyfile Corp.

Keyfile has been providing document management solutions for businesses since 1991 and has helped customers store millions of documents online at just pennies per page. This price performance ratio has established the Keyfile product as one of the leading document management solutions in the sector.

“Keyfile is not surprised at all to see the market momentum shift in Exchange’s favor,”
said Roger Sullivan, vice president of marketing at Keyfile.

In 1995, we bet on the fact that Exchange would ultimately dominate the market and that is paying off for us handsomely. Our installed seats of Keyflow for Microsoft Exchange Server have doubled each of the past five

quarters to over 10,000 seats at customer sites today. Our customers recognize the demonstrable total cost of ownership savings of Exchange+Keyflow over any other groupware solution.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for businesses and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of computing every day.

* The May 1, 1998, issue of the industry newsletter Electronic Mail & Messaging Systems (EMMS) reports that 3.05 million Microsoft Exchange Server client licenses were sold worldwide during the first quarter of 1998. During the same period, 2.7 million Lotus Notes licenses were sold worldwide.

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