Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Gains Support From Leading Document Systems Software Vendors at AIIM ’98

Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Gains Support From Leading Document Systems Software Vendors at AIIM ’98

ANAHEIM, Calif., May 12, 1998 — Industry-leading document systems independent software vendors (ISVs) DOCUMENTUM Inc., Eastman Software, FileNET Corp., NetRight Technologies Inc. and PC DOCS Inc. today announced support for Microsoft® Site Server 3.0 as a preferred platform for delivering intranet solutions companies can use to dramatically improve corporate knowledge management.

These ISVs will begin developing their document management applications on the newly released Site Server 3.0, which will be featured in Microsoft Booth 1135 at the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) trade show May 12-14 at the Anaheim Convention Center. In addition, today grapeVINE Technologies, FirstFloor Software and Plumtree Software announced their support of Site Server 3.0.

With its enterprise publishing, search and delivery services, Site Server 3.0 provides DOCUMENTUM, Eastman Software, FileNET, NetRight and PC DOCS the power to easily and cost-effectively deliver intranet-enabled knowledge management solutions while allowing their customers to extend existing investments in Office, Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server
said Russ Stockdale, group product manager for Site Server marketing at Microsoft Corp.
“Their customers will benefit from Site Server’s knowledge management functionality because it enables organizations to improve business productivity by empowering users to publish and find information quickly.”

Site Server 3.0 is a foundation product for enterprise knowledge management that delivers a core set of search and delivery services. It allows document systems ISVs to focus on developing value-added business functionality rather than building these platform services. It saves time by improving the accuracy of corporate intranet searches and optionally personalizing information delivery for each user. Using Site Server 3.0, businesses can extend and integrate corporate information broadly within their organizations via the Web.

“Microsoft Site Server provides a strong infrastructure that application software vendors can build on,”
said Jeetu Patel, vice president of research of Doculabs, an independent research and advisory firm.
“For example, utilizing Site Server will enable document management systems to manage Web content and Web sites, not just internal documents. Site Server will also allow application software to integrate with organizations’ electronic commerce initiatives, allowing these applications to play a key role in revenue generation. In addition, Site Server’s analysis capabilities can provide applications with valuable information about content usage patterns and volumes.”


PC DOCS is a leader in enterprise document management solutions, managing information assets throughout their life cycle, across mixed networks, databases, corporate intranets and the Internet.
“PC DOCS sees Site Server 3.0 as an ideal target platform for document management publishing and Web content management,”
said Brian Zanghi, president of PC DOCS.
“PC DOCS plans to take advantage of Site Server as our Web content management solution using DOCSFusion to manage the documents on Site Server and DOCSFusion Routing to add change management functionality to the submission and approval process. With this in mind, we fully expect to drive the purchase of Site Server licenses in the same manner that made us the world’s leading reseller of Microsoft SQL Server run-time licenses.”

NetRight Technologies Inc.

NetRight Technologies’ family of products allows Internet, intranet and LAN users to easily locate, retrieve and share information assets and intellectual property in a secure environment.
“Providing Site Server 3.0 in our out-of-the-box document management software gives our customers a turnkey intranet platform,”
said Max Panjwani, president and CEO, NetRight Technologies.
“Packaging the two together saves the customer time, trouble and money. Site Server 3.0 is quickly becoming corporations’ intranet standard. Incorporating it as part of NetRight’s iManage gives us and our customers a competitive advantage.”

FileNET Corp.

FileNET is a proven leader in delivering integrated document management (IDM) software to unleash the power of information for corporate and government organizations. FileNET’s Internet and client/server solutions provide standards-based workflow, document imaging, electronic document management and report management software for managing information and enhancing productivity.
“FileNET plans to support Site Server 3.0 as an industry standard,”
said Lewis Carpenter, senior vice president, worldwide marketing of FileNET.
“We see Site Server as a key intranet platform for corporations, particularly with its search and delivery features.”


DOCUMENTUM’s RightSite extends Microsoft Site Server by providing Web access to the business-critical documents managed by DOCUMENTUM’s EDMS server.
“DOCUMENTUM sees Site Server 3.0 as instrumental in setting corporations’ new intranet standards,”
said Matt Shanahan, director of product management and marketing for DOCUMENTUM.
“Based on Windows NT® , it complements DOCUMENTUM’s RightSite by allowing customers to easily automate the document change processes, ensure document integrity, and allow controlled reuse of component documents in multiple Web pages.”

Eastman Software

“Site Server 3.0 represents a powerful new tool for knowledge distribution both within and outside an organization,”
said Allan Hardy, program director of Eastman Software.
“Solutions built with Site Server are the perfect next step for the work information created and managed by Eastman Software’s work management products. We are committed to delivering the connectivity that allows customers to seamlessly link their work processes and information with Site Server-based publishing solutions.”

Site Server is a member of the Microsoft BackOffice® family of advanced server applications for the Windows NT Server operating system. Site Server 3.0 is part of BackOffice Server 4.0, a complete, integrated server suite that makes it easy to build, manage and deploy powerful business solutions. For more information on Microsoft Site Server 3.0, or to download a free 90-day evaluation version (connect-time charges may apply), visit the Microsoft Web site at .

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