NetShow Streaming Media Services in Microsoft Windows NT Server Adopted by ElectricVillage and Radio Data Group

NetShow Streaming Media Services in Microsoft Windows NT Server Adopted by ElectricVillage and Radio Data Group

REDMOND, Wash., May 19, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that leading Internet audio service providers ElectricVillage and Radio Data Group (RDG) have chosen to use the NetShow
™Streaming Media Services in Microsoft® Windows NT® Server to deliver superior multimedia content for the radio stations they serve. Demonstrating the momentum building in the radio industry to deliver streaming media content over the Internet, ElectricVillage and RDG chose the NetShow Services because of enhancements enabling richer business and entertainment applications and services.

The Internet offers exciting new revenue, marketing and business opportunities. Hundreds of radio stations have discovered that broadcasting on the Internet expands their reach to a worldwide audience and increases the potential for advertising profits and intelligent database marketing. The emergence of service providers specializing in radio station Web sites, such as ElectricVillage and Radio Data Group, coupled with mature streaming technology such as the NetShow Services, enable individual stations to develop a presence on the Web without the need for in-house technical expertise.

The NetShow Services offer high-quality streaming, integration with Windows NT Server and the Microsoft BackOffice® family, and a complete development platform, making them the services of choice for delivering unique and flexible customer solutions on the Web. ElectricVillage and RDG join the popular audio service provider Radio-Active to provide the NetShow Services to more than 500 radio stations worldwide over the Internet. The strengths of the NetShow Services in the radio area are complemented by strong support from Internet content providers, including AudioNet Inc., Bloomberg LP, National Public Radio, MSNBC, Warner Bros. Online, FOX News Online and CNN Interactive.

“The NetShow Services deliver the full promise of multimedia on the Internet and spark continuing innovations in Web content,”
said Anthony Bay, general manager, commercial systems division at Microsoft.
“This is an exciting time in the radio industry, and we’re pleased to see that industry leaders ElectricVillage, RDG and Radio-Active have chosen the NetShow Services to bring the next generation of radio station Web sites online.”

Major Internet Audio Service Providers Adopt NetShow Services

ElectricVillage, RDG and Radio-Active selected the NetShow Streaming Media Services in Microsoft Windows NT Server because they are cost-effective, easy to use and simple to deploy. The NetShow Services utilize an industry audio standard, MPEG layer 3, and are compatible with most existing audio technologies including Telos Systems (audio compression and equalizing systems), Sonic Foundry Inc.’s Sound Forge (audio editing tools), Broadcast Software International (broadcast automation system) and Liquid Audio (interactive music sales). This broad selection of technologies increases radio stations’ ability to customize a solution that best meets their market requirements.

ElectricVillage ( is a leading provider of Internet commerce, community and content solutions for the radio industry. ElectricVillage provides stations with Web site development, hosting, technical support and access to format-specific content and electronic-commerce opportunities, as well as membership in a national network of radio station Web sites currently numbering almost 400. Sample content of NetShow Services in music and entertainment can be found at ElectricVillage’s NetShow showcase at ( .

“Our customers are entering new territory and expect us to do our homework and provide the best solutions,”
said Carl Koppel, president and COO, ElectricVillage.
“The NetShow Services are the premier platform available for producing streaming media, and we chose them to deliver the kind of cutting-edge multimedia our customers – and their listeners – demand.”

Radio Data Group ( is a full-service Internet developer that focuses exclusively on radio broadcasting. Owned principally by American Radio Systems (being acquired by CBS Inc. [NYSE
]) and Clear Channel Communications (NYSE
), RDG supplies radio stations with custom software tools, graphics, audio and database services designed for radio stations. RDG operates a proprietary banner ad network on behalf of its radio station clients. RDG’s software permits local radio account executives to place banner ad sales orders, track these orders and invoice local banner ad clients.

“We need a solution that combines high-quality streaming and reliability,”
said Michael C. Rau, CEO, Radio Data Group.
“We are committed to the NetShow Services. The NetShow Services exceed our stringent requirements and will make our clients’ audio material available to the widest audience possible at a price they can afford.”


The public beta of the NetShow 3.0 Services in Microsoft Windows NT Server and the Microsoft Media Player are available for free download from the Web at (connect-time charges may apply). The final versions of these technologies are scheduled to be released this summer. At that time, the NetShow 3.0 Services will be available as a download for Windows NT Server 4.0, and the Microsoft Media Player will be available as a download for the Windows® 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, MacOS and UNIX operating systems and as a built-in accessory in Windows NT Workstation 5.0.

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