Microsoft Skills 2000 Initiative Moves 125,000 Individuals Into Training; Educates 1.5 Million About High-Tech Jobs

Microsoft Skills 2000 Initiative Moves 125,000 Individuals Into Training; Educates 1.5 Million About High-Tech Jobs

NEW ORLEANS, May 30, 1998 — Today at Fusion 98, Microsoft Corp.’s annual business symposium for Microsoft® Certified Solution Providers (MCSPs), Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Skills 2000 initiative, aimed at addressing the information technology (IT) work-force shortage, has moved 125,000 people into technical training and reached 1.5 million with information about IT career opportunities since the initiative was launched in May 1997. Today Microsoft also announced a Skills 2000 Internship program at participating MCSP companies nationwide, providing students at Authorized Technical Education Centers (ATECs) and Authorized Academic Training Program (AATP) institutions with mentoring, hands-on experience and the opportunity to apply for information technology jobs with MCSPs.

“Last year at Fusion we made a commitment to our channel and the industry to step forward and help address the IT work-force shortage,”
said Sam Jadallah, vice president, organization customer unit at Microsoft.
“Our focus for the past year with Skills 2000 has been building an engine to bring technical training to people who might not otherwise have access to it. It has been very rewarding to see 125,000 individuals learn about the opportunity and then take the next step toward an IT career by receiving training. This coming year is all about making an even greater impact and further delivering on our commitment.”

Skills 2000 Internship Program

Through the internship program, Microsoft will help link students at more than 800 AATP high schools, colleges and universities as well as students at more than 1,900 ATECs with internship positions at MCSP companies. Microsoft will also provide how-to guidelines and resources to help MCPS implement internships. In addition, MCSPs can post internship listings on The Monster Board, a leading online recruitment agency, at a rate subsidized by Microsoft.

Infrastructure Fuels the Industry

Skills 2000 provides a thorough infrastructure solution to fuel the industry with newly trained IT professionals. The Skills 2000 infrastructure includes programs and relationships to increase awareness of IT career opportunities, recruit and support new individuals to receive technical training and experience, and place trained individuals into open IT jobs.

Building Awareness

  • Skills 2000 recruitment video. The Microsoft Skills 2000 recruitment video, hosted by
    “NYPD Blue”
    celebrity Jimmy Smits, aims to recruit from new population pools by dispelling myths about the computer industry and increasing awareness of the job opportunities available for people of all ages, economic levels and educational backgrounds.

  • Skills 2000 career aptitude tool. More than 75,000 individuals have used the Skills 2000 career aptitude tool to identify and prepare for IT careers by answering a series of questions based on work-style preferences.

Recruiting and Training

  • AATP. Skills 2000 includes an investment in AATP to train more than 100,000 students at high schools, colleges and universities during the 1998 academic year. AATP currently provides students with access to training on Microsoft networking and development tool technology at more than 800 educational institutions in an environment that is convenient and affordable for students.

  • Green Thumb. Green Thumb, a national nonprofit organization, and Microsoft are working together to recruit and train seniors, welfare participants, dislocated workers and other individuals with barriers to employment. With a grant from Microsoft, Green Thumb is working with 600 private industry councils to implement technical training programs and place trained individuals with local companies.

  • Skills 2000 IT Career Loan. The Skills 2000 IT Career Loan, financed and administered by Servus Financial Corp., offers one easy step to apply and access
    low-rate, competitive funding for technical training at Microsoft ATECs and AATP institutions. Servus Financial has distributed nearly $17 million in Skills 2000 IT Career Loans since the program became available in February 1998.

Job Placement

  • The Monster Board. Microsoft has a strategic relationship with The Monster Board, a leading online recruitment agency, to provide MCSP companies with an Internet-based solution for finding employees. Job applicants can apply directly online, create online resumes, perform job searches and receive updates on new job postings that match their qualifications. Since December 1997 more than 1,300 MCSPs have hired candidates through The Monster Board with an estimated cost savings of $2,900 per candidate.

For more information about the Microsoft Skills 2000 initiative, view the Skills 2000 Web site at ( & SubSite=itcr) . For more information about The Monster Board, view ( .

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