Microsoft at Tech Ed: Interoperability takes center stage

Microsoft at Tech Ed: Interoperability takes center stage

In his keynote speech at TechEd 98 on Monday, Steve Ballmer, executive vice president for sales and support at Microsoft, provided a comprehensive overview of how Microsoft Windows is the most complete platform for building business solutions. He also focused on the many ways Microsoft can help Windows developers address key business challenges. He outlined solutions for customers’ business problems, focusing on six scenarios: messaging and collaboration; publishing and knowledge management; tracking; data analysis; line-of-business; and commerce. Ballmer also announced several new interoperability initiatives for the enterprise and a $20 million SQL Server training initiative, and he previewed how SQL Server 7.0 interoperates with the next version of Office.

Agreements with Iona, Visual Edge and Digital focus on COM/Microsoft Transaction Server Technology Interoperabilty Iona Technologies announced plans to integrate IONA OrbixOTM technology with Microsoft Transaction Server. Visual Edge announced licensing of Common Object Model (COM) to provide UNIX based COM/CORBA bridging. Digital announced plans to provide additional interoperability between Microsoft Transaction Server and Digital ACMS.

Improved Microsoft SQL Server/MS Office interoperability raises the bar Microsoft’s upcoming version of SQL Server, 7.0, will feature unmatched interoperability with the next version of Microsoft Office. MS also announced a $20 million program to train 50,000 database administrators on Microsoft SQL Server.

New MSDN Subscriber downloads available In addition Microsoft unveiled MSDN Subscriber Downloads, a new feature of the MSDN developer program that provides instant online access for MSDN CD subscribers to the latest tools and technologies from Microsoft.

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