IPORT Ready for Worldwide Deployment

IPORT Ready for Worldwide Deployment

  • 3COM ( http://www.3com.com/ ) will conduct joint sales activities with ATCOM/INFO to deliver the IPORT solution to the hospitality market segment and increase comarketing activities targeting mobile business users.

  • Cyntergy ( http://www.cyntergy.com/ ) provided help desk support throughout the pilot and commercial trials phases, assisting in validating the ease, speed and customer experience of IPORT. Cyntergy will now continue to provide a 24-hour help desk for business travelers using IPORT.

  • Hitachi ( http://www.hitachi.com/ ) donated computers to the IPORT program and will participate in comarketing activities with ATCOM/INFO.

  • ExpoTel Corp. ( http://www.expotel.com/ ) will integrate the IPORT offering with its services for the management of a comprehensive meeting room package.

  • MCI ( http://www.mci.com/ ) plans to conduct joint sales with ATCOM/INFO and will market IPORT to the hospitality industry.

  • Sprint ( http://www.sprint.com/ ) plans to endorse IPORT as its default Internet access solution. It will deliver the IPORT service, along with its telecommunication services, to hotels in Las Vegas and other designated geographic areas.

  • Tut Systems ( http://www.tutsys.com/ ) will bring innovative in-building wiring technologies to the IPORT contingent.

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