Cisco, Intel and Microsoft Showcase Successful Deployments of Network Multimedia Connection

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 20, 1998 — Today, the Networked Multimedia Connection (NMC), a cooperative program founded by Cisco Systems Inc., Intel Corp. and Microsoft Corp., is presenting a
“Solutions Showcase,”
demonstrating how corporations and universities can utilize networked multimedia solutions to enrich communications and improve the way they do business. Customers will highlight their successful deployments in the areas of distance learning and training, real-time communications and collaboration.

In addition, the NMC announced the next phase of its mission to accelerate the proliferation of networked multimedia technologies and solutions in business via a systems integrator program, enabling them to assist customers in further deployments of the technologies.

“Customers have recognized the value of networked multimedia to their business communications and are looking for tools and resources to assist them in deploying solutions,”
said Anthony Bay, general manager, commercial systems division at Microsoft.
“Over the last year, the NMC has worked with a subset of these customers to help them deploy networked multimedia applications. This experience will be used to develop blueprints for successful installations and provide training to system integrators in developing customized solutions.”

NMC Program Enters New Phase With Addition of System Integrators

As processing power and networked bandwidth have increased, customers are utilizing networked multimedia to enrich their business communications. These customers are also requiring individual business solutions. To simplify the experience of creating these customized solutions, the NMC is entering a new phase of the program to focus on providing system integrators with deployment tools, case studies and blueprints of successful installations.

System integrators working with the NMC include Activate, inc., DataReturn Corp., DIGEX Inc., Excel Data Corp., Eagle River Interactive Inc., Ikon Office Solutions, InterVU Inc., Pantheon Interactive Inc., Rainier Technology, USWeb Corp., Vstream Inc. and Wang Global.
“Moving the NMC program into the next phase to include systems integrators is key to the mass deployment of networked multimedia solutions,”
said Ron Whittier, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s content group.
“Systems integrators will help customers to smoothly install and support networked multimedia, allowing for the maximum business benefits from the deployments.”

About the NMC

Cisco, Intel and Microsoft created the NMC to empower corporations and businesses to improve the way they do business by enabling richer communications through networked multimedia. To reach this goal, the group has assisted developers in creating networked multimedia applications and is documenting the deployments of some customers to serve as installation guides for the industry. This includes providing access to a complete end-to-end networked multimedia lab for development and interoperability testing, technical consultations as well as comprehensive kit that includes SDKs, sample code, utilities, hyperlinks and documentation from each company.

“The NMC was founded to enable a broad range of customers to capitalize on the benefits of a rich multimedia experience,”
said Cliff Meltzer, vice president and general manager of the IOS technology and engineering operations group at Cisco.
“By combining our respective technical strengths, Cisco, Intel and Microsoft have been able to successfully deliver a complete networked multimedia infrastructure to a wide spectrum of users, from leading universities and law firms to national computer corporations.”

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