SIGGRAPH ’98: Microsoft Announces Chromeffects SDK at Multimedia Trade Show

ORLANDO, Fla., July 21, 1998 — The annual SIGGRAPH conference is a Mecca for the graphics faithful. SIGGRAPH ’98 marks the 25th anniversary of this colorful trade show – a significant milestone and an opportunity to reflect on the phenomenal changes that have taken place in the graphics industry over the past quarter century.

In recent years, progress in this area has accelerated as graphics have gained importance in mainstream applications, largely due to increased focus by industry leaders like Microsoft. Microsoft’s commitment to graphics and multimedia was evident today at SIGGRAPH ’98, as the company continued its leadership role and announced new breakthrough interactive media technology, the Chromeffects Software Developers Kit (SDK), which is well positioned to revolutionize Web and application development.

Chromeffects further demonstrates Microsoft’s long-time role as an innovator, educator and collaborator in the area of graphics, a result of the company’s significant investment in research and development toward multimedia innovations. An add-on feature to the Windows ’98 operating system, Chromeffects allows developers to add visual impact and real-time interactivity to applications and Web design, which will expand the opportunities for developers and allow high-fidelity content creators the ability to bring their content to the Web.

Also at SIGGRAPH ’98, on July 22, Jim Blinn, a Microsoft Research graphics fellow, will deliver the show’s 25th Anniversary keynote. Blinn will survey the computer graphics scene from his unique perspective as a scientist, engineer, artist, and author. Meanwhile, Michael Cohen, senior researcher from MSR, will receive the 1998 Computer Graphics Achievement Award. This award is given each year to one recipient and recognizes innovative work that has helped push the state-of-the-art in computer graphics.

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