Microsoft Site Builder Network Members Share the Secrets of Their Success in “How the Web Was Won”

REDMOND, Wash., July 21, 1998 — REDMOND, Wash. – July 22, 1998 – Microsoft Corp. today announced the retail availability of the Microsoft® Site Builder Network’s latest book,
“How the Web Was Won: Conquering the Digital Frontier.”
Written by a group of Level Three Site Builder Network (SBN) members, the book examines how the World Wide Web has evolved into a place where corporations want to be and where online businesses have emerged. A practical tactics and strategy guide to the Web,
“How the Web Was Won”
contains real-world tips, case studies and war stories from experts within leading Web development companies.

“How the Web Was Won”
will help Web professionals and business decision-makers learn about multimedia on the Web as well as how to profit from the Internet. Not only does the book examine the history and growth of the Internet and its global appeal and reach, but it also details, in the words of the experts themselves, the business pitfalls to avoid to make the most of the Web.

“Our hope is that you will learn how the Web became a viable industry and how you can use this amazing medium for your business,”
said Cerise Vablais, editor of
“How the Web Was Won.”

Wide Range of Topics

The SBN authors of
“How the Web Was Won”
examine a wide range of topics, from the beginning of the Web to advice on how to choose a Web developer. Chapter topics include the following:

  • Technical challenges of early and current Web development

  • Adult Web sites and how they have affected the growth of the Internet

  • How to make things move on the Web: digital solutions emerging today

  • What companies establishing themselves on the Web need to do to plan and become customer-centric

  • The path of multimedia technologies over the years

  • Elements of successful Web sites

The last chapter is a roundtable discussion of current Web issues such as globalization, electronic commerce and preparation for potential legal liabilities – issues that could make or break an effort to successfully do business on the Web.

“‘How the Web Was Won’ is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand the successes, and follies, that have shaped this nascent industry,”
said Bryan McCormick, consultant and co-author of
“How the Web Was Won.” “The points of view are diverse and the compelling stories are told from the unique vantage point of having really been there. Anyone who comes to this book will walk away with a clearer view of the past, present and future of the Web.”

“How the Web Was Won”
is currently available in stores for an estimated retail price of $29.99. The book can also be purchased online at .

The Microsoft Site Builder Network ( ), the largest online resource and membership program available for Web professionals, was created in July

1996 to share Microsoft Web technologies, including Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software, with the Web developer community. The program offers four levels of membership, and benefits such as discounted software products, participation in beta trials and free downloads.

With more than 800,000 members, SBN attracts the professional Web developer community, the Web hobbyist community and, at the highest level, Web developer organizations and consulting firms that create Web sites for others. The SBN site is one of the most visited sites of, with over 25 million hits per month.

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