Rigorous Beta Testing and Customer Feedback Will Ensure Final Quality of Windows NT 5.0

Redmond, Wash., August 18, 1998 — Microsoft today reached a major milestone on its way to final availability of the Windows NT 5.0 platform, with release of the second beta versions of the Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 5.0, Windows NT Server 5.0, and Windows NT Server 5.0 Enterprise Edition operating systems.

Beta 2, the first release intended specifically to encourage information technology professionals to begin pilot-testing Windows NT 5.0 in their organizations, will be distributed to more than a quarter million developers, channel partners and other beta testers worldwide.

Windows NT Workstation 5.0 is the premier desktop operating system for businesses large and small and is designed to replace Windows 95 as the standard business desktop. Windows NT Server 5.0, the newest version of Microsoft’s best-selling server operating system, is the multipurpose server operating system designed to connect, run and manage every part of the digital business. When combined, they provide the platform that lowers the total cost of ownership, enables a new generation of distributed applications, and establishes the infrastructure for companies to build their digital nervous systems for greater efficiency.

In keeping with Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to deliver high-quality products to its customers, the beta 3 version of Windows NT 5.0 will be available only after the company has received and incorporated feedback from beta 2 customers. A final release date for Windows NT 5.0 has not been set.

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