Microsoft Press Announces Comprehensive Line of Learning And Reference Solutions for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

And Reference Solutions for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 26, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that core documentation, programming references and training materials for the Microsoft® Visual Studio® development system 6.0 are now available from Microsoft Press® . Published in conjunction with Visual Studio 6.0, 20 new authoritative resources will help arm developers at any stage in the learning cycle with the information they need. The Microsoft Press titles range from hands-on tutorials packaged with fully functional software for new users to hardcore programming references that include source code on CD-ROM.

Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition is the latest version of Microsoft’s fully integrated suite of development tools for building component-based solutions. The Visual Studio development system 6.0 includes the Microsoft Visual Basic® development system 6.0, the Visual C++® development system 6.0, the Visual FoxPro® database development system 6.0, the Visual InterDev
Web development system 6.0, and the Visual J++
™development system for Java 6.0. These tools provide comprehensive support for building multitier solutions, cross-platform Web applications and client/server Microsoft Windows® operating system-based applications.

The Microsoft Press learning and reference solutions for Visual Studio provide in-depth coverage of developer technologies as well as practical advice and real-world examples from industry experts. And because they are based on information from the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 development teams, these products provide developers with the latest and most accurate information and ideas for taking full advantage of Visual Studio.

Essential Visual Learning Solutions

The Microsoft Visual Studio Core Reference Set is a powerful body of knowledge for enterprise developers who want to take advantage of the cross-product synergies of Visual Studio 6.0. It includes the five-volume official documentation set for the entire Visual Studio suite of programming tools in a single slipcase (Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programmer’s Guide, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Programmer’s Guide, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Programmer’s Guide, Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 Programmer’s Guide and Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Programmer’s Guide). A companion Visual C++ CD includes helpful development tools and electronically indexed sample source code and applications.

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Reference Library is the printed version of the extensive online help reference that comes with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. The five-volume set includes terminology and concepts, A – Z listings of preprocessor directives and a section on globals and macros. Titles in the Reference Library include Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 MFC Library Reference, Part 1; Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 MFC Library Reference, Part 2; Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Template Libraries Reference; Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Run-Time Library Reference; and Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Language Reference .

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Deluxe Learning Edition offers everything beginning programmers, power users, students and hobbyists need to learn programming from the ground up with the popular development tool, Visual Basic. This collection of tools includes the fully functional Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition, plus multiple learning resources including
“Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Step by Step”
(book and companion files), the CD-based
“Learn Visual Basic Now”
(multimedia computer-based training), the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programmer’s Guide, and the MSDN
Developer’s Library on two CDs.

Industry Experts Share Advice, Ideas and Tools for Hardcore Development

For advanced developers, Microsoft Press offers real-world ideas, solutions and tools written by well-known industry experts.
“Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Basic and SQL Server”
by popular author William Vaughn details the latest information on data access using Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server
. A fixture at conferences and seminars on Visual Basic worldwide and a current member of the Microsoft Visual Basic product team, Vaughn offers a no-nonsense approach for hands-on developers, development managers, or anyone using Visual Basic to design, code, debug and tune front-end applications for Microsoft SQL Server. A companion CD contains reusable sample code that developers can plug into their own development projects, as well as a sample database and technical white papers.

For power developers using C++,
“Programming Visual C++, Fifth Edition,” by David J. Kruglinski, George Shepherd and Scot Wingo is the latest version of what’s become the premier text for the industry-standard C++ development environment. More than 500,000 copies of previous editions of the book are in print. The revised book covers programming fundamentals, multithreading, the Component Object Model (COM), creating ActiveX® Controls and components, and C++ programming for the Internet. Wingo and Shepherd’s updates to the late Kruglinski’s work include sections on ATL control development, the latest database programming enhancements, and discussion of recent COM improvements. A companion CD contains source code files for all sample programs described in the book as well as executable program files.

Complete Pricing and Information for Visual Programming Titles

Visual Studio 6.0

“Microsoft Visual Studio Core Reference Set”
(ISBN: 1-57231-884-8, 3,696 pages with one CD, $129.99). Additional details above. Each Programmer’s Guide is also sold separately.

Visual Basic 6.0

“Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Deluxe Learning Edition”
(ISBN: 1-57231-873-2, 1,440 pages with four CDs, $139.99). Additional details above.

“Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Basic and SQL Server, Sixth Edition”
(ISBN: 1-57231-848-1, 1,024 pages with one CD, $49.99). Additional details above.

“Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programmer’s Guide”
(ISBN: 1-57231-863-5, 976 pages, $39.99) is official product documentation and was designed to help beginning to intermediate developers learn Visual Basic fundamentals, create their first program, and optimize and distribute applications.

“Microsoft Visual Basic Professional 6.0 Step by Step”
(ISBN: 1-57231-809-0, 672 pages with one CD, $39.99) by Michael Halvorson is an easy, quick and self-paced way to learn Visual Basic 6.0 using real-world examples. The package includes modular lessons, CD-based practice files, screen shots and over 20 hours of instruction.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Reference Library (ISBN: 1-57231-864-3, 3,344 pages, $79.99) is official product documentation and includes Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Language Reference, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Controls Reference, and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Component Tools Guide.

“Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Developer’s Workshop, Fifth Edition”
(ISBN: 1-57231-883-X, 832 pages with one CD, $49.99) by John Clark Craig and Jeff Webb includes an extensive collection of problem-solving tips, tools, blueprints and model solutions designed to help users take advantage of the latest enhancements in Visual Basic 6.0. Chapters cover ActiveX technologies, Internet programming, objects and controls, and extending the language. A companion CD gives users the sample code to build everything from splash screens to Web-deployable enterprise systems.

Visual C++ 6.0

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Reference Library (ISBN: 1-57231-865-1, 6,064 pages, $149.99). Additional details above.

“Programming Microsoft Visual C++, Fifth Edition”
(ISBN: 1-57231-857-0, 1,184 pages with one CD, $49.99). Additional details above.

“Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Programmer’s Guide”
(ISBN: 1-57231-866-X, 752 pages with one CD, $39.99) by Beck Zaratian includes information about setting up development projects, environment components, sample applications, reusable component code and more.

Visual InterDev 6.0

“Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 Programmer’s Guide”
(ISBN: 1-57231-867-8, 512 pages, $24.99) helps beginning to intermediate users build intranet and Internet applications. Topics include creating Web projects, using visual database tools, editing and scripting, and integrating databases and building integrated solutions.

Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 Web Technologies Reference (ISBN: 1-57231-871-6, 1,616 pages, $39.99) offers a valuable collection of tutorial and standard reference information covers server- and client-side information for Web development, optimized database access, database programming functionality and more.

Visual J++ 6.0

“Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Deluxe Learning Edition”
(ISBN: 1-57231-930-5, 992 pages with four CDs, $139.99) is a comprehensive training kit designed to help beginning programmers and enthusiasts learn about the Microsoft implementation of Java and how to build great applications. This kit includes the fully functional Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Standard Edition, Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Step by Step (book and CD), the CD-based Learn Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Now (multimedia computer-based training), and the Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Programmer’s Guide .

“Learn Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Now”
(ISBN: 1-57231-923-2, 432 pages with one CD, $49.99) by Kevin Ingalls and Daniel Jinguji provides a tutorial introduction to Microsoft’s latest implementation of Java for users with some programming experience. Topics include writing applications from scratch; working with classes, objects, and forms; and creating, enhancing, and animating applets.

“Network Programming With Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0”
(ISBN: 1-57231-855-4, 358 pages with one CD, $49.99) by Andy Wilson is a comprehensive guide to network application development with Microsoft’s implementation of Java. The book covers network programming over the Internet, using Visual C++ and MFC libraries to create a custom socket implementation and more.

“Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Programmer’s Guide”
(ISBN: 1-57231-869-4, 560 pages, $27.99) written for the beginning to intermediate Java developer, offers a comprehensive road map to using the interface, advanced tools and wizards in the Microsoft implementation, as well as working with solutions and projects.

Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Reference Library (ISBN: 1-57231-872-4, 2,384 pages, $59.99) features A – Z listings to Microsoft Java classes, the Java Language Reference from Sun Microsystems Inc., and the Java API Reference to the Java Application Programming Interface.

“Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Developer’s Workshop”
(ISBN: 1-57231-925-9, 560 pages with one CD, $44.99) by Shannon Dunn offers a task-oriented approach for intermediate programmers to develop Windows-based applications using Visual J++ 6.0 and Windows Foundation Classes.

Visual FoxPro 6.0

“Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Programmer’s Guide”
(ISBN: 1-57231-868-6, 896 pages, $29.99) provides a range of topics, including programming fundamentals of Visual FoxPro 6.0, design tools and object-oriented programming, and optimizing and distributing applications.

“Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Language Reference”
(ISBN: 1-57231-870-8, 1,552 pages, $39.99) covers the newest version of the Microsoft object-oriented environment for database construction and application development.


All of the books listed in this release are available in bookstores and software stores across the United States and Canada, and directly from Microsoft Press at (800) MSPRESS (677-7377). In Canada, customers can call (800) 667-1115. Several additional titles about Visual Studio will be available from Microsoft Press by the end of the year. For detailed information about the complete Visual Studio line of products as well as other titles and information from Microsoft Press, visit .

About Microsoft Press

Microsoft Press is a division of Microsoft and the leading source of training and reference solutions for Microsoft products and related technologies. Millions of individual and corporate users rely on a complete line of world-class Microsoft Press computer books and multimedia training and reference tools to accommodate different learning styles and training situations.

Self-paced tutorials for first-time computer users to advanced technical references and programming guides for computer professionals are distributed to book and software retailers worldwide. Consumers in the United States can order directly from the publisher at (800) MSPRESS, or (800) 677-7377. For detailed information about the complete line of Microsoft Press products, visit .

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