In Developing Picture It! 99, Microsoft Listened to Consumers

, September 10, 1998 — When Microsoft set out to make its award-winning photo-editing software even better, it went to the people who had the answers. People just like you. Since first introducing Picture It! in 1996, Microsoft has talked to more than 1,000 consumers, asking their advice on how to improve the product to meet their needs. The company developed Microsoft Graphics Studio Picture It! 99, which launched today, in direct response to what consumers said they want most from photo-editing software.

“We have managed to improve an already great product by listening to what users told us was most important to them,” said Jonathan Schwarz, worldwide product manager for Picture It! 99. “We didn’t mess with a good thing – we only made it better!”

Microsoft Graphics Studio Picture It! 99, the third and latest version of the company’s highly rated photo-editing software, allows you to enhance your personal photos using powerful editing tools to fix “red eye,” remove scratches, correct focus and much, much more. With a little imagination and Picture It! 99, almost anyone can create professional-quality greeting cards, photo album pages, magazine covers, stickers, sports trading cards, certificates, scrapbook pages, business cards, flyers, collages, calendars and many other projects.

Picture It! 99’s powerful editing tools make it the complete imaging solution for the home, home office and small business. And you don’t need expensive equipment to enjoy Picture It! 99. Scanners and digital cameras are becoming less expensive every day — IDC reported last week that it expects megapixel quality digital cameras to go below $500 within the year — and it’s easy to have your photos put on disk by your local photo finisher.

All you really need to enjoy Picture It! 99 is your own imagination. With two CDs packed with ideas and artwork, Picture It! 99 can help make your fantasies reality – lose 10 pounds, journey to exotic lands, or put yourself on the arm of your favorite celebrity. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with digital imaging. Picture It! 99 is fun and easy no matter what your experience level.

Looking for a gift that will last all year? Use Picture It! 99, to create a personalized calendar with a favorite seasonal photo for each month. For October, make a collage of the year’s best Halloween costumes; put the kids’ faces on Easter eggs for April; and that picture of you at the top of Mt. Everest would be perfect for January. Didn’t have time to visit Nepal last winter? With more than 1,000 photo-quality backgrounds, clip photos, edges and templates, you can make it look as though you did. Great for any holiday or special occasion, Picture It! has the tools and graphics you need to make your most memorable pictures into a lasting and meaningful gift.

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