Microsoft Announces Windows CE Handheld PC Professional Edition

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 8, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that the third generation of software for Handheld PCs (H/PCs), known as Microsoft® Windows® CE Handheld PC Professional Edition, has been shipped to 12 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). H/PCs are streamlined, specific-use computing devices designed to be mobile companions that extend Windows operating system-based desktops and notebooks, providing instant access to users’ information. Some OEMs will demonstrate new hardware running the H/PC Pro Edition software next week at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in Denver, with initial quantities of devices expected to be available in stores later this year, and widespread availability in 1999.

Formerly code-named
the H/PC Pro Edition software based on the
Windows CE 2.11 operating system improves remote access and connectivity to corporate data while providing the familiarity of Windows. In addition, the H/PC Pro Edition software enables new hardware differentiation such as full-size VGA and Super VGA displays and alternative pointing devices such as a mouse. OEMs supporting Windows CE H/PC Pro Edition software are Casio Computer Company Ltd., Compaq Computer Corp., Everex Systems Inc., Fujitsu Ltd., Hewlett-Packard Co., Hitachi America Ltd., LG Electronics Inc., NEC Corp., NTS Computer Systems Ltd., Samsung Electronics Company Ltd., Sharp Electronics Corp. and Vadem.

“We’ve focused on making the H/PC an excellent specific-use mobile computing tool by improving the remote e-mail, Internet access and synchronization back to the office,”
said Craig Mundie, senior vice president of the consumer platforms division at Microsoft.
“Whether you’re down the hall from your desk or across the country, H/PC Pro Edition software will keep you connected to your ever-changing, vital data.”

“IDC believes that, like other handheld devices on the market today, the H/PC Professional products will serve primarily as companions to one’s desktop,”
said Diana Hwang, research manager of handheld computing at International Data Corp.
“IDC user research shows that there is demand in the corporate enterprise for large form factor PC Companions that serve as extensions to the desktop.”

New Features

The H/PC Pro Edition software brings new features to the PC Companion industry, including the following:

  • New hardware options. Support is now included for full-size VGA and Super VGA screens, touch-type keyboards, USB, extended battery life, alternative pointing devices (touchscreen and mouse) and additional processors.

  • New e-mail client. The Microsoft Pocket Outlook
    e-mail client supports rich Internet standards (IMAP4 and POP3), allowing direct e-mail access to Microsoft Exchange and other servers that support Internet standards, hierarchical folders that are synchronized with the server, Internet standard address resolution (LDAP), on-device conversion of attachments, and the ability to store e-mail attachments to external storage cards.

  • New database support. Support is now included for Pocket Access and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), giving developers a common database API enabling access to Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) back ends such as Microsoft SQL Server

  • Improved synchronization. Windows CE Services 2.2 now provides configurable remote deployment options for mass install and easier Windows CE Services setup for the Windows NT operating system.

  • New and improved pocket productivity applications. In addition to Pocket Access, InkWriter® and Voice Recorder, H/PC Pro Edition software features improvements to Pocket Word, Pocket Excel and Pocket PowerPoint® .

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and availability of devices running H/PC Pro Edition software is determined by the OEMs. For more information about Handheld PCs, Windows CE and available third-party applications, visit

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