Microsoft Offers No-Charge Holiday Product Support for This Year’s Hottest Software and Hardware

REDMOND, Wash., October 12, 1998 — The holidays should be filled with family and fun, not the frustration of struggling with new software or installing the latest computer system. To help consumers avoid having the holidays turn into a technical nightmare, Microsoft is offering no-charge product support for selected software programs and all hardware throughout the Christmas weekend as well as New Year’s Day. Customers will be able to talk to live support engineers from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PST, December 24-27, and January 1, 1999.

“Microsoft’s main goal is customer satisfaction,” said Eileen Crain, marketing communications manager for Microsoft Product Support Services. “We realize that consumers across the world will be opening their games over the holidays and may have questions. Microsoft Product Support Services will be here to help with customers’ questions on some of our most popular holiday products.”

Included in this offer will be support for three new Microsoft games hitting the stores in November: Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, Microsoft Pinball Arcade, and Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome. (

  • Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator is a World War II air-combat simulation for the PC. Built on the realism of the Microsoft Flight Simulator engine — the best-selling simulation title ever — CFS adds the excitement of air combat and head-to-head competition. Find more information at

  • Microsoft Pinball Arcade combines seven licensed pinball table games that represent the evolution of pinball through the 20th century. The collection brings the history of arcade pinball games to the PC, including Baffle Ball, one of the first pinball prototypes; Humpty Dumpty, the first pinball game with flippers; and Haunted House, the fist triple-decker table. Find more information at

  • Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome is an add-on to the award-winning, best-selling real-time strategy game Age of Empires, which focuses on the ancient Roman empire. The expansion has several new features: new civilizations, several unique units and entirely new campaigns, including one that focuses on the rise of Rome. Find more information at

    • Microsoft Windows 98 – (425) 635-7122

    • Microsoft Plus! – (425) 635-7222

    • All Microsoft games – (425) 637-9308

    • All Microsoft multimedia software – (425) 635-7172

    • Microsoft Expedia series – (425) 635-7146

    • All Microsoft kid’s software – (425) 635-7140

    • Microsoft personal finance software – (425) 635-7131

    • Barney, Arthur, or D.W. dolls or software – (425) 635-5043

    • All Microsoft Hardware products – (425) 635-7040

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